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y + y4 = y5 , possibly. Except that conventionally, the number (or coefficient) would be written first.

y + y4 = y*(1 + y3) = y(1 + y)*(1 - y + y2)

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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Q: What is y plus y4?
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What is y plus y plus y plus y?


(4x-y) plus (-10 plus y) if x3 and y4?

If x = 3 and y = 4 then the answer is 2

What is the factor of Y4 plus 10y2 plus 16?

(y^2 + 8)(y^2 + 2)

X4 plus y4 divided by x plus y?

(x4 + y4)/(x + y) = Quotient = x3 - x2y + xy2 - y3 Remainder = - 2y4/(x+y) So, x3 - x2y + xy2 - y3 - 2y4/(x+y)

How can you do x4-y4?

(x2 + y2)(x + y)(x - y) = x4 - y4.

What is 4x-y4 what is the value of y?

4x-y4 what = 0

What is y to the fourth power?


X2 plus y4 plus x4 plus y2?

x2 + y4 + x4 +y2 = x6 + y6unless you know what x and y are.* * * * *x2 + y4 + x4 + y2 ??I don't believe that this expression can be factorised or otherwise simplified.It certainly does not equal x6 + y6,for all x and all y:for example, if x = y = 1, thenx2 + y4 + x4 + y2 = 4, whilstx6 + y6 = 2;thus, they are two manifestly unequal quantities.

How do you Evaluate the expression X2 and y4?

It is x*x + y*y*y*y

What is the answer for x plus y to 4th power?

(x+y)4 = (x2+2xy+y2)2 = x4+4x3y+6x2y2+4xy3+y4

Factor the expression y4-256?

y4 - 256 = (y2 - 16)(y2 + 16) = (y - 4)(y + 4)(y2 + 16)

How do you factor y4-256?

(y - 4)(y + 4)(y^2 + 16)

What is Y4 x Y-3?


How do you express x4 plus y4 if given x plus y equals a xy equals b?

(x + y)2 = x2 + 2xy + y2 So x2 + y2 = (x + y)2 - 2xy = a2 - 2b Then (x2 + y2)2 = x4 + 2x2y2 + y4 So x4 + y4 = (x2 + y2)2 - 2x2y2 = (a2 - 2b)2 - 2b2 = a4 - 4a2b + 4b2 - 2b2 = a4 - 4a2b + 2b2

Y to the power of 2 times y to the power of 2 equals?


How do you factor y4 - z4?

(y - z)(y + z)(y^2 + z^2)

How do you factor y6 plus 1?

y6 + 1 = (y2 + 1)(y4 - y2 + 1) which cannot be factorised further.

What is the greatest common factor of y to 8th power y to 6th power and y to 4th power?


Use the remainder theorem and the factor theorem to determine whether y-3 is a factor of y4 plus 2y2-4?

The remainder is not zero so y-3 is not a factor of y^4+2y^2-4

X 2 y19 X-Y4?

X+2 Y=19 X-Y=4

What is x-7 y4?

x-7*y*4 >> solve it * is multiply-

Three and four are both exponents Y 4 times y 3?

y4 times y3 = y7

What is the gcf of y4 y8 y9?

The GCF is y4

What is y to the 8th power as an product in four different was with only positive exponents?

y6 x y2 y4 x y4 y2 x y2 x y4 y2 x y2 x y2 x y2

If 2x-y4 then 6x-3y?

If 2x-y = 4 then 6x -3 years =?