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Q: What is your grade if you miss 13 out of 40?
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What is the grade if you miss 4 out of 13?


What would your grade be if you got 13 questions wrong out of 40?

If by grade you mean percentage, you would have scored 67.5%. 40-13= 27 (27/40) * 100

What if you miss 38 out of 40 questions what would your grade be?

Near enough the lowest possible!

How many days can you miss at middle school?

If you miss over 40 days you automatically fail/repeat your grade just try not to miss over 10 and you will be great

What if you miss 14 out of 40 questions what would your grade be?

If every question is worth the same credit, then 26 correct out of 40 is a score of 65 percent. The letter-grade is whatever the teacher decides 65% on that test is. I'm afraid there aren't many situations where 65% gets a passing grade.

How many can you miss with 40 question to pass with 60 percent?

you can miss 40% 40 x .4 = 16

If your 13 in England schools what grade would you be in?

if you are 12-13 you will be in seventh grade and if you are 13-14 you will be eighth grade

What is my grade if I miss 2 out of 17?


What is difference between grade 40 and grade 60 steel bars?

Grade 60 has a tensile stress of 60000 psi while Grade 40 has 40000. Grade 60 steel rusts faster than grade 40. grade 60 bar can be identified by the word 60 which should have printed on that while on grade 40 no no will be printed or written and we can identify this by counting the lines on steel as well. If there are 3 lines longitudinally on the bar its is of 60 grade and if 2 lines longitudinally it will be identified as 40 grade.

What 3 numbers equal 40?

12 + 13 + 15 = 4012 + 13 + 15 = 4012 + 13 + 15 = 4012 + 13 + 15 = 40

What is your grade for 40 out of 60?

Whatever grade you get for 66%

What grade does 36 out of 40 equal?

its 90%

What is a 40 out of 50 grade?

40 out of 50 is 80%. The grade which this represents will depend on grade boundaries which, in turn, will depend on the standardising procedure.

What is Miss Junk's population?

Miss Junk's population is 40.

What is the grade if you miss 2 out of 15?

13/15 is about 87%, which is typically a "B". This may vary depending on the grading rules at your school

What is the grade if you miss 2 out of 12?


What is your grade if you miss 2 out of 9?


What will be my grade if i miss 2 out of 25?

92% or A-

What is your grade if you miss 1 out of 12?

A 92%. you have an A-

If you are 13 which grade are you in?

Typically, it is 8th grade.

If you have 100 and you get a 40 what is your grade now?

Assuming you only had a single grade of 100, a second grade of 40 would give you an average of 70. The grade corresponding to that would depend on what range of percentages corresponds to what grade.

What is the difference between grade 60 and grade 40 steel bars?

Grade 60steel = steel with yield strength 60ksi or 60000psisimilarly grade 40 have yield strength of 40ksi or 40000psi

Who is scout's first grade teacher?

Miss Caroline Fisher is her first grade teacher.

What is the grade if you miss 3 out of 15?

your grade would be 80% or a B-

What is your grade if you get 3 out of 13 problems wrong?

10/13 right = 77% grade