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Zero minus (or plus) any number is that number.

To clarify: 0 - (-2) = 2

0 - (-36) = 36

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Q: What is zero minus a negative number?
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What is a negative number minus a negative number?

The result can be positive, negative, or zero.

What is zero minus a positive number?

a negative number

What is a negative number plus a negative number?

a negative number. think banking..... no money plus no money is ? Nothing (negative) "no money" would be zero, wouldn't it? Zero, or "nothing", is not negative. Still, a negative number plus a negative number is a negative number. minus X plus minus Y equals minus(X + Y).

What does minus four mean?

this is a negative number -- a number below zero.

A positive minus a negative equals?

It can equal a positive, zero or a negative number.

When is a temperature referred to as minus zero?

The term "minus zero" is mathematically pointless, since zero is neither positive nor negative, being the exact point at which positive numbers meet negative numbers on the number line. Zero is just zero.

When you use the word minus and when you use the word negative?

Minus is subtract or take away from negative is any number less than zero

What is a negative take away a negative it equals positive?

The result of subtracting a negative number minus a negative number can be positive, or negative, depending on which of the numbers is larger. It can even be zero.

What is negative seven minus negative two equal?

because both are minus and minus and minus is below zero, it would be 2 further below zero, -7-2=9

What is negative three minus negative three?

-3 - -3 = 0. The answer is zerobecause subtracting a negative from another negative number will cancel out its negative status.

Is zero a positive or negative number?

Neither. It represents "nothing" Zero is neither a positive or negative number. It is just plain zero. So you don't have to stress on remembering if it's a plus or minus! :0) neither 0 is neither negative nor positive. Zero is neither positive nor negative.

What does negative 5 minus negative 5 equal?


What does a negative number minus a positive number equal?

A negative number minus a positive number will always be a negative number.

What does a minus minus a minus equal?

If you mean subtracting a negative number from another negative, then you simply add the second negative to the first number. For example: -3 - (-4)=1 -3 + 4 = 1 The double negative makes the equation an addition.

What is a negitive numbers?

A negative number is a number less than zero (to the left of the number zero, on a standard number-line). It is written with a minus sign. For example, -5 is 5 less than zero.

What is the answer to this problem 17 minus negative 9 minus 8?


What is zero minus negative nine?

0 minus -9 is 9

Is zero a negative number?

No. A negative number is a number below zero, not zero itself.The number zero is neither negative nor positive.

What is less than zero minus?


Is less than zero minus?

Negative ( - )

Less than zero minus?


Less than zero or minus?


What are 4 different ways you can tell the difference between positive and negative integers?

1. a negative number has a minus(-) sign before the number. 2. A negative number is always below zero.

What does negative three minus zero equal?

"minus zero" is the same as plus zero in that it makes no difference to the sum. So the answer is -3.

What is a minus number?

A number lower than zero. Also called a negative number. A "minus number" is the incorrect term for a negative number. Anegative number is a number that comes before zero (0) (ex: -1). It's value is less than that off zero and the larger the number is, the less the value becomes. Though it seems odd, -4 has more numerical value than -476 because -476 is farther away from zero.