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What island is east of New Jersey coast

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Q: What island is 4000 kilometers east of New Jersey?
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How many kilometers across is Australia?

The distance across Australia, travelling east-west is approximately 4000 kilometers

What island is located in the Atlantic ocean east of New Jersey?

Sedge Island

What colony was located east of Connecticut?

Rhode islandnew jersey

Is cozumel island a barrier island to Galveston island?

No. It is an island 16 kilometers (10 miles) east of the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico.

What is the Philippines' southernmost island?

The Philippines' southernmost island is Saluag Isle, which is 43.3 kilometers east of Borneo.

What is the Relative location of Long Island?

east/south of Atlantic ocean. north of long island sound. west of New Jersey.

When was Donna Coney Island born?

Donna Coney Island was born on September 8, 1961, in East Orange, New Jersey, USA.

When did East Jersey end?

East Jersey ended in 1702.

Is jersey in England?

Jersey is a crown dependency, so it's still ruled by the queen, but it has its own government and laws. Jersey is not in England but an Island north-east off the French coast. It also has its own money which you cannot use in England. Jersey is the only channel Island with cars!

What the capitals of east and west jersey were?

Burlington (west jersey), Perth Amboy (east jersey).

How do East Jersey and West Jersey relate to New Jersey?

New Jersey was divided into two, separately governed, provinces from 1674 to 1702, and these were called East Jersey and West Jersey. There is a link below to an article on East Jersey, and there are more links from there.

What ocean is east of New Jersey?

The Atlantic Ocean is east of New Jersey.

How far is east Rutherford from New Jersey?

East Rutherford is IN New Jersey

How big is Phuket?

Thailand's largest island is also its second smallest province covering an area of approximately 570 square kilometers (Including 32 small islets). The island measures, from north to south, 48.7 kilometers and from east to west, 21.3 kilometers.

East jersey and west jersey became?

New Jersey.

Were is seychelles in the world?

Seychelles is an island country in the Indian Ocean, about 1500 kilometers East from Africa's mainland (Kenya), and 1000 kilometers North-East of Madagascar. The islands are scattered roughly 5 degrees South of the Equator.

What is the second largest of the channel islands?

Jersey with 36 square mileswould say the Irish Island east of England

Name atleast three states on the east coast of the United States?

South Carolina, New Jersey & Rhode Island

Liberty island is east of what island?

liberty island OS east of what island

If a person was staying a Whitsunday Island hotel what country would they be in?

The Whitsunday Island is an islands located in the Coral Sea. It is in the east of Central Queensland, Australia. The size of the island is about 275 square kilometers.

What states are the Hamptons close by?

The Hamptons are on the east end of Long Island. They are in New York state and nearby to New Jersey and Connecticut.

Does Connecticut share a border with New Jersey?

No. Connecticut is bordered by New York to the west, Massachusetts to the north and Rhode Island to the east.

What prompted people to move East jersey?

what prompted people to move east jersey was because of the climate.

Where is Staten Island located?

It's the southernmost borough in New York City. It's southwest of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and east of New Jersey.

What island east of Falkland Island?

South Georgia is east.