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about 3

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Q: What item would likely weight about 15 ounces?
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What item would likely weigh 1600 ounces?

a baby monkey

How many fluid oz equal a pound?

Actually, fluid ounces are a measurment of volume or how much space an item occupies, pounds are a measurment of weight or how heavy an item is.

Net weight vs gross weight?

The gross weight includes the item and any packaging that may be on it or the vehicle that is hauling it. Net weight refers to the weight of the item only. The weight of a dump truck filled with gravel would be the gross weight, but the net weight would be weight of the gravel by itself.

What item would most likely refract light?

your head

What is the formula to convert 14K gold to troy ounces?

Multiply the total weight of the object in grams by 0.03215. Then multiple that result by the Karat weight of the item (14 in your example), and divide that total by 24. Example: 10 gram 14K ring x .03215 = .32 troy ounces total weight, x 14/24 = .19 troy ounces of gold

How do you measure ounces to pounds?

There are sixteen ounces in a pound, by American weight. If the deli scale shows, for example, 1.25, that means that the 1 means one pound, and the .25 means a quarter of a pound (use your knowledge of decimal math: .25 = quarter, or 25%, .5 = half, or 50 %, etc.) If you need to know the total ounces that represents, 1 = 16 ounces and .25 is one quarter of sixteen, and 16 divided by 4, = 4 ounces Add sixteen and four, and you get 20 ounces total weight. Keep in mind that if the item being weighed is in a container, the container has weight of its own. The deli clerk should subtract the container's weight (T.A.R.E.) from the total weight, so that you don't pay the item's per pound price for the container.

How many cup are in ounces?

one ounce of liquid is 1/8 of a cup. One ounce weight will vary depending on the item being measured.

What household item weighs 2 pints?

The pint is not a measure of weight. It is a measure of volume equal to two measuring cups (16 fluid ounces).

What soil particles would likely cause the formation of micro-pores?

There is no item on the list of choices that you posted with your question that would be likely to do that.

Which item would most likely cause an allergic reaction?

mix vegetables

What is a percentage deducted from the price of an item?

One would likely call this a discount.

How do you multiply the ounces of an item to pounds?

Like so: ounces x 0.0625 = pounds