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21 with Boston & Toronto

22 with The Yankees and The Astros.

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Q: What jersey numbers has roger Clemens worn with all teams?
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Which MLB teams did Roger Clemens consider playing for in the 2007 season?

He likely considered all of his former teams and all teams based in Texas:New York YankeesHouston AstrosTexas RangersBoston Red SoxToronto Blue JaysOn May 6, 2007 Clemens announced at Yankees stadium that he has chosen to play for the New York Yankees in 2007.

Who is the only pitcher to have 600 strikeouts with two teams?

Many pitchers have more than 600 strikeouts with two teams, including Randy Johnson, Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton, Roger Clemens, and Nolan Ryan.

What 4 teams has Roger Clemens played for four Major League Baseball?

Boston Red Sox , Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees and Houston Astros.

What 4 teams did Roger Clemens play for?

1) Boston Red Sox 2) Toronto Blue Jays 3) New York Yankees 4) Houston Astros

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Which teams did Roger Clemens play for?

Boston Red Sox (1984-1996)Toronto Blue Jays (1997-1998)New York Yankees (1999-2003, 2007)Houston Astros (2004-2006)

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