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A carpenter earns $12.30 an hour for a 40-hour week. His overtime pay is 11⁄2 times his base pay. If he puts in a 46-hour week, how much is his weekly pay?

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Q: What jobs are 40 hours a week and pays 8.00an hour?
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How do you get 100 bucks in one day?

Work at a job for 8 hours that pays at least $12.50 per hour.

If you have two jobs. One job pays 7 per hour and the other pays 8.25 per hour. You worked 22 hours total last week and earned 171.50. How many hours did you work at each job?

You can create simultaneous equations : 2 equations that when solved will give your answer Need to calculate 7a + 8.25b = 171.50 ( this calculates the pay) and a + b = 22 (the amount of hours worked ) a is the amount of hours worked at the 1st job, b the amount of hours worked in the 2nd job so: 7a + 8.25b = 171.50 (formula 1) a + b =22 (formula 2) SO multiply formula 2 by 7 to give 7a + 7b = 154 (call this formula3) Now if you take away formula 3 from formula 1 you get 1.25b = 17.50 so b = 17.50 /1.25 = 14 hours therefore going back to formula 2 : a + 14 = 22 , therefore a is 8 hours So in the 2nd job the person worked 14 hours and therefore in the 1st job the person worked 8 hours (= 22-14).

If your making 6.75 per hour and you're offered a new job that pays 7.47 per hour how much more would you make per hour?

0.72 more per hour

What is hourly rate for a job that pays 75000 per year?

There are 52 weeks in 1 year and in 1 week, normally, the total working hours is 40 hours. The hourly rate for 75000/year = 36.06/hour. You may try to experiment on rates using the website linked below.

8 hour job pays 25 an hour how much is that a year?

you have to do your own homework if you want the job, so you multiply 25 times all the hours that you work, not counting holidays or sick days, then you subtract your Insurances and Unemployment payments and of course your income tax that will now give you your net pay.