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Q: What key do you use on your keyboard for the square root?
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How do you use root button on a scientific calculator?

usually you input a number, press the root key, and get the square root.

How do you use square on the calculator?

I am not aware of a square key on a calculator. To get a square input number to be squared followed by multiply (X) and then = to get the answer. If it is square root your are referring to then insert the number which you want to find the square root of followed by the square root key. This brings up the required answer. Hope this helps.

Where is the use key on your PC keyboard?

it is the enter key

What is the square root of 32 in simplest form?

I cant use the square root symbol so lets use the word "root" to represent square root. The answer would be 4root2

What is the square root of 1230?

35.0713558335 The easiest method is to use a calculator: first press the key marked with a √ (square root symbol) then type in the number 1230 and press enter.

What are the types and use of key on the keyboard?

tYPES OF key are:-function key;control key;navigation key;

What is the square root of 4x?

We use the property of square roots that says the square root of (ab)=square root (a) multiplied by square root of b So square root (4x)=square root (4) mutiplies by square root of x =2(square root (x)) 2sqrt(x)

What are your solutions when the three key on a keyboard is not working?

If the number three key is not working you may have a dead key. There are two solutions to your problem. You can either purchase an external keyboard that has a plug-in USB and use that - or replace the keyboard.

What is the square root of 600?

The square root of 600 is 24.49489743...You should use your calculator for such simple sums. It is far quicker and involves fewer key depressions than posting the question on WA.

What is the root of 169?

-13 or +13 are both square root of 169, but we often use the positive square root, 13, as the principal square root.

Why do you use the Tab key on the keyboard?

Many people use the Tab key to indent paragraphs.

How do you make the square root sign from a keyboard?

√3 Use the check mark. Alt or Option v on a Mac

How do you find the square root of 20 times the square root of 3?

Use a calculator.

Why you can't use the at in the key board?

why you cant use at symbol in the keyboard

Where is the action key on a laptop keyboard?

The action key on a laptop keyboard is usually located to the bottom left corner of the keyboard. It allows the user to use the Function Keys (F1...F12).

What is use of ctrl key?

The ctrl (control) key allows you to perform keyboard shortcuts

How do you unlock arrow keys on the Apple Keyboard?

Use the F14 key, right above the 'home' key. I have no idea why this works, but it did for my keyboard.

How do you access the PS3 virtual keyboard?

When you need to use the keyboard it will appear if you use the x key over the spot that requires typing. In other places like in Playstation Home the Option key (triangle shape) brings up the keyboard

Can you use the tab key on keyboard instead of the mouse?


Why do we use the f1 function key on the keyboard?


What is a input device that you use to manually key in or type?

A Keyboard?

What is something you can use to hold down a key on your keyboard?

A brick.

How do you unlock the keyboard when it's lock?

use a board key.

What key do you use on the keyboard to navigate a worksheet?

The F5 key is used on the keyboard to navigate a worksheet in Microsoft Excel. This allows you to use the "Go To" feature and move around the various cells on the sheet.

What other key can you use to go right?

a second key to go right on the keyboard is D.