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Q: What kind of diagram do you use to illustrate connections?
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What kind of diagram graphically illustrates the structure of a program?

A flowchart is used to illustrate the logic of the program. To illustrate the structure we typically use a hierarchical tree, where the main function serves as the root.

Use a diagram to illustrate the ways in which virtual machines can be organised.?

We can't use diagrams to answer questions on this site, dude.

Illstrurate te effect od subsidy in a market by using a demand and a supply diagram?

use a demand and supply diagram to illustrate the effect of a subsidy.

What kind of diagram do you use for comparing factors?

You could use a Venn diagram.

Which type of writing is best illustrated in a Venn diagram?

Venn diagrams are often use to illustrate boolean algebra.

Use a diagram to illustrate that the sum of an odd number and an odd number is an even number?

3 + 3 = 6

To show nonsequential information use what kind of diagram?


What kind of graph do you use to show height?

A contour diagram.

How you simplify a network to thevnin's theorem?

Difficult to explain without using a circuit diagram to illustrate use as an example. Refer to any textbook to find your answer.

Most broadband connections today are always up and use what kind of IP addressing?


Which technique would an author be most likely to use to illustrate similarities between unlike objects?

An author may use a metaphor to illustrate similarities between unlike objects. By likening one object to another in a figurative way, the author can draw connections and highlight shared qualities between the two, helping readers better understand the comparison.

What does The Civil War and the civil rights movement illustrate?

You can use it to illustrate alot of things.