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The concern is not what type of doctor but that the infant/child receive medical care IMMEDIATELY! The infant in question should be taken to the nearest emergency medical facility. Such symptoms can be the begining of a serious respiratory illness or one that is already present and can rapidly progress to pneumonia or respiratory distress or failure.

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Q: What kind of doctor does your baby need if he is frequently choking on phlegm and unable to get it up to the point of not breathing?
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What helps cut phlegm you are choking on at the back of your mouth besides Coca-Cola?

If it is phlegm from being sick (if it is yellow or green) then take a decongestant or gargle with warm salt water, which breaks up the phlegm and kills the bacteria that produce it.

What does it mean when you cough up light brownish phlegm?

It means you need to see a doctor. Any time you have phlegm that is colored and not clear or white, you need to see a doctor.

What is phlegm made from?

It is made from breathing organs, throat, bronchial passaged and lungs

What are symptoms for Bronchitis?

The symptoms include coughing, phlegm, difficult breathing etc. You might have to use an inhaler if you have trouble breathing. This can occur anytime of the year.

How can you ease choking on phlegm at night in a toddler?

If this is a common occurrence, please get the advise from your doctorIf this is a common occurrence, please get the advise from your doctorIf this is a common occurrence, please get the advise from your doctorIf this is a common occurrence, please get the advise from your doctorIf this is a common occurrence, please get the advise from your doctorIf this is a common occurrence, please get the advise from your doctor

Should I see a doctor from coughing up phlegm with what looks like blood?

Yes. You should see a doctor.

Why do you have blood and black in your phlegm?

Go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) for a diagnosis.

Cure medicine for yellow phlegm please help?

The yellow phlegm is a sign of infection. The only cure is to treat the infection be it viral or bacterial. It's a good sign to be coughing up phlegm, for its the body's defense against infection. Look at the phlegm periodically for pink or red tinges, which indicates blood and should be seen by a doctor.

What is the scientific name for lung disease that presents with copious slimy phlegm infection difficulty breathing and a hoarse voice?


How do you pronounce phlegm?


What does blood in phlegm mean?

Bloody phlegm can be caused by many things including bronchitis, cystic fibrosis or tuberculosis. If you cough up more than a few teaspoons of blood, call your doctor.

What happens if your phlegm is bloody?

Maybe you have lung or respiratory problems. :) Please go to a doctor ... :)

Does anyone know what to do about constant phlegm in the throat?

Sounds like you can have what is called Post Nasal Drip. You can go to your doctor or to a ENT (ear, Nose and Throat) doctor and get some nose spray that will help eliminate the Phlegm. Also take into account that it can be related to allergies. But nose sprays work the best.

What causes bloody phlegm?

I have seen cases where bloody phlegm was a symptom of pneumonia. Strong coughing can cause the small blood capillaries to bust and the blood mix up with the phlegm. The exact cause of this symptom is best investigated by a medical professional in order for a diagnosis to be made you should visit a doctor.

What does green flem mean?

I believe what is being referred to here as "flem" is really phlegm, or the thick mucus that comes from the mouth. Green phlegm can mean a sign of an infection such as a cold or flu, bronchitis, or some kind of allergic reaction. Usually any kind of colored phlegm can be a sign of an infection so it is advisable to visit a health center or doctor if one has persistent colored phlegm for prolonged periods of time.

What is the sentence of phlegm?

I have a cough then suddenly, the phlegm was blocking my throat.

What is red phlegm?

Red color to phlegm means that blood is coming from somewhere. Somehow, some small blood vessels have broken. It can be just a small streak of red up to all red with clots. If it continues and gets worse; see the doctor.

Does quitting smoking make you cough up all the phlegm in your lungs and give you a cough?

Well I'm not a doctor, but I do know that after you quit smoking you occasionally cough up phlegm for anywhere up to a year after you quit. This is an effect from the lungs healing themselves.

When people cough up black phlegm it is called?

Black-looking phlegm can be caused by old blood that either ran down your throat from your mouth or nose due to a cold or dry membranes or from similar old blood in your bronchial tubes from a lung infection or bronchitis. Having bloody sputum (phlegm) is called hemoptysis. Phlegm can be colors ranging from white to black and the color is often, but not always, in streaks in the sputum. Yellow, brown, green, red, pink, and black phlegm are all reasons to see your doctor to determine the cause. See the related question below for more information about causes of black phlegm.

What do Bronkaid pills help with?

Bronkaid Tablets contain 25mg ephedrine sulfate and 400mg guaifenesin as active ingredients. Their purpose is to restore free breathing and loosen phlegm.

Should you avoid dairy products when unwell?

It depends on symptoms, ive heard it can help with the production of phlegm but you should check with a doctor...

Which term describes thick mucus secreted by the tissues lining the respiratory passages?

Flem - how it is sounds. Phlegm (FLEM)phlegmPhlegm

Where does the phlegm go if you swallowed it?

Phlegm will go into your stomach and the acid in your stomach will dispose of it naturally, just the way it does when you swollow food. It is not harmful to swallow phlegm.

What is brown phlegm?

Brown phlegm is common in smokers but can also mean an infection.

Should dairy products be eaten when you have a fever?

While there probably will not be permanent harm, dairy products have a tendency to build up phlegm in the throat. It may interfere slightly with breathing.