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The answer is 1/10

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Q: What kind of fraction bar did Carl use if he used four of one type to show two fifths?
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Carl used a 4 of one type of fraction bar to show 25 what kind of fraction bars did he use?

The answer is four 1/10 pieces from a 1/10 fraction bar.

If 8 is 4 fifths then What is 5 fifths?

5/5 is one. -.- No offence, but that's kind of obvious.

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When the numerator is smaller then the denominator it is what kind of fraction?

A proper fraction

What kind of fraction is 7 over 7?

An improper fraction?

What kind of faction has a fraction in the numerator denominator or both?

It is a complex fraction.

What kind of fraction is one hundredth?

1/100 is a proper fraction.

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What kind of fraction wherein the numerator is less than the denominator?

This would be a normal fraction.

Does four of a kind beat a straight flush in poker?

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What kind of answer do you get when you multiply a fraction by its denominator?

The answer is the numerator.

What is the answer to a fraction called?

A fraction is a kind of number: it cannot have an answer. You want an answer to some process that is applied to the fraction but we have no hope of guessing what process that might be.

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What kind of number will you get if you multiply the numerator and the denominator of a fraction by the same number?

You will get an equivalent fraction. However, if the numerator and the denominator of a fraction by zero, the result is not defined.

What beats a three of a kind?

In poker, a three-of-a-kind is beaten by four-of-a-kind, a full house, a straight, a flush or a straight flush.

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What kind fraction to solve the weight to the height?

There is no such fraction since there is not a linear relationship between the two variables.

What kind of fraction is 10?

10 over 1

What kind of fraction has a numerator and denominator?

All fractions have that.

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Where can the numerator be found in a fraction?

The numerator is the top line , it tells you how many of the fraction you have (enumerates it, if you like). The bottom is the denominator, it tells you what kind of fraction it is (what denomination it is).