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a bar graph would be best I might say

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Q: What kind of graph should be used by comparing the cost of 4 bicycles?
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What type of graph is best to use to compare two sets of data?


What are the cost benefits of using bicycles?

Compared to a car, none, since bicycles run on gas.

What is the relationship between production possibility frontier and opportunity cost?

An opportunity cost is the alternative choices that can be made with the allocation of scarce resources. A production possibility frontier is a graph illustrating those opportunities and comparing their results.

How do you graph cost revenue and profit functions?

There are a couple of graphs you could use. A pie graph or a bar graph.

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Increasing opportunity cost graph?

There are many ways in which you can show increasing opportunity cost on a graph. You could show it in comparison to satisfaction for example.

Which type of graph is best suited for graphing the cost of a computer versus its speed?

A line graph

How much do Harley Davidson bicycles cost?

about £8000 for a factory model anything up to £100000 for a custom

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Hardly any are made in the USA. If they are, they will cost a lot more than they are worth.

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there is no graph i dont see it

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