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bar graph, line graph

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Q: What kind of graph shows a comparison between different data?
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What is the difference between a line graph and a bar graph?

Difference between bar and line graphs:Line graph shows change in a long period of time and bar graph shows bars showing different amounts.Also a line graph is used to show change over time and a bar graph is used for comparison.

The difference between graph and chart?

A graph shows the movement of one or a couple items. A chart shows the end result and comparison of items.

A graph of boyles law shows the relationship between?

a graph law graph shows the relationship between pressure and volume

What is the difference between a pie graph and a bar graph?

a pie graph shows percentages and a bar graph shows numbers and amounts

What is the difference between a bar graph and a line graph?

The difference between line graph, and bar graph, is that the bar graph shows how many things and the line shows one thing but not many it shows the amount that one thing has

What type of graph would be best to compare the atomic weights of different elements?

Bar Graph The bar graph shows the difference between each element.

Which type of graph best shows a comparison of several items or events?

a pie Chart :)

What does a graph of Charles law shows the relationship between?

A graph of Charles Law shows the relationship between temperature and volume of gas.

What Type of graph graph that shows the relationship between two variables?

linear graph between an independent and independent variable

Type of graph that shows the relationship between two varables?

Bar graph.

A graph that shows the relationship between two sets of data?

bar graph

What graph best shows how different items compare to each other?

a bar graph

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