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bar graph

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Q: What kind of graph would be used to show the test scores of each student on a reading test?
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What kind of graph would you use to show the scores?

When putting the scores in, you use the normal distribution graph, which is the best start.

What graph would you use to display student's ages?

Most likely a bar or pie graph

What should you look at when reading a chart graph or table?

It would help if you look at the chart graph or table!

What graph would you use for the number of students who are in a band science club and student council?

pie chart

How would a graph look if the speed is constant?

That would depend on the type of axes. If it is an acceleration vs. time graph, then there would be a continual reading of 0m/s/s acceleration, and the graph would be a straight line indicating 0m/s/s at all times. If it is a velocity vs time graph, then there would be a constant value of velocity at all times. If it is a displacement vs time graph, there would be a straight, continuously increasing line.

Where can an ACT student find their scores online?

Someone who has taken the ACTs can find their scores online at the ACT page actstudent dot org. They would then click on the "score information" tab and enter in their information to access their scores online.

How do you determine 2013 sat scores?

2013 SAT scores are determined by breaking the test down into three subcategories, critical reading, writing, and math, and adding the scores together. The total would then be between 600 and 2400 points.

Does a parent's credit score affect student loan?

If the student loan is taken out in the name of the student then no. The student's credit score is separate from anyone else's. If the student loan is taken out in the name of the parent or with them as cosigner then yes - their credit scores would come into play.

Which hypotheses would it be for tracking 4 Sight reading scores for two years would that be Null Hypothesis or Research Hypothesis?

thanks for your response! teacher4life

Where can I find advice on credit scores for my student loan consolidation?

A good site for finding information regarding student loan consolidation and credit scores in relation to that would be at They state that a credit score of 650 or lower is regarded as "subprime", but lenders have been experimenting with accepting a wider range of credit scores. Good luck!

Why do you not connect the data points on your graph?

There are times when there is no logic in doing so. For example, suppose you had a graph of the heights and weights of a class of students. Each data point would be an ordered pair representing the height and weight of a particular student. What, if anything, would a line connecting one student to the next represent?

Will scoring a 15 in reading on the ACT get you your diploma?

yes it would but you must have your scores sent to your high school in order for your counselor to override it in the system. your school counselor will not take your act scores if act does not provide it to them

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