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Q: What kind of graph would result if the period T were graphed as a function of the square root of the lengthsquare of L?
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What are non linear functions?

Functions that do not result in a line when graphed.

How do you spell up sloping?

The technical or jargon term "upsloping" is used for mountain precipitation, and sometimes with reference to a graphed result.

What are periodic functions?

A nonconstant function is called periodic if there exists a number that you can add to (or subtract from) the argument and get the same result. The smallest such positive number is called the period. That is, nonconstant function f(x) is periodic, if and only if f(x) = f(x + h) for some real h. The smallest positive such h is the period. For example, the sine function has period 2*pi, and the function g(x) := [x] - x has period 1.

What types of lines would be the result of an inconsistent system of equation?

If you refer to linear equations, graphed as straight lines, two inconsistent equations would result in two parallel lines.

Difference between subroutine and function?

Both A function and a Sub carry out a procedure, but only A function returns a result while a Sub does not return a result.

What kind of graph would result if the period of the pendulum T were graphed as a function of the square root of the length of the pendulum?

With a simple pendulum, provided the angular displacement is less than pi/8 radians (22.5 degrees) it will be a straight line, through the origin, with a slope of 2*pi/sqrt(g) where g is the acceleration due to gravity ( = 9.8 mtres/sec^2, approx). For larger angular displacements the approximations used in the derivation of the formula no longer work and the error is over 1%.

Do the Excel AND function and OR function show same results?

They both can only give the result TRUE or FALSE. However, given the same values, they will not always give the same result. All conditions in an AND function must be fulfilled to give a TRUE result whereas only one needs to be fulfilled in an OR function.

What function returns a result based on a condition?


If Period not late but fell sick?

Physical stressors (including illness) can result in a delay in ovulation and as a result the timing of a woman's period.

Which logical function returns a true result only when all its arguments are true?

The AND function.

What would be the result of trying the function INT(RAND)(5) into cell B1?

what would be the result of typing the function =INT(RAND()*5) into cell B1?

How do you write an OR statement in Excel?

The OR function contains at least two logical statements. If at least one is true, then it will return a TRUE result. If not, it returns a FALSE result. =OR(10>2, 3>5) Obviously 10 is greater than 2, so the above function will give a TRUE result. The OR function is usually used in conjunction with an IF function, to allow a particular action to be taken based on the result of the OR function. The OR function will be in the condition part of the IF function, which is the first part.