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colonial life in delaware

in colonial Delaware,fishing,hunting,blacksmith

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Q: What kind of jobs did they have in colonial Delaware?
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What were some jobs in colonial Delaware?

There were numerous jobs in the colonial Delaware. Some of the jobs were shopkeeper, blacksmith, doctor, teachers, lumberjacks, and tailors.

What jobs were in colonial Delaware?


What were the jobs in Delaware colonial times?


How many jobs were there in Colonial Delaware?

Its hunting and farming .

What jobs did people have Colonial Delaware?

the main jobs were: agriculture and lumber and shoemaking an other stuff

What jobs did the men have in colonial Delaware?

Men Hunted, Fished, and farmed

What kind of fur trade did colonial Delaware have?

There different aspects of kind of fur -trade that colonial Delaware had. The most common was barter trade where the fur was traded with other things.

What kind of jobs were in Delaware?

=Agriculture & lumbering=

What were some jobs in Delaware 1638?

Some jobs available in Delaware during the 1638 are namely: trading, fishing, blacksmith, lumberjack, and more. These were the most popular jobs during this colonial era.

Colonial delaware jobs?


Where there churches in colonial Delaware?

yes there was churches in colonial Delaware

What kind of Nationalities were in colonial Delaware?

Mostly English But some Dutch and Welsh.

What are some common colonial jobs?

One of the most common Colonial jobs for men was Farming. It depended on where the settelers were to tell what kind of farming they did.

Major cities in colonial Delaware?

wilmington and dover were very important in colonial delaware.

In the colonial days what did people learn in Delaware?

In the colonial days what did people earn in delaware

What did Delaware grow in colonial time?

they did not grow crops in colonial Delaware because they had bad land

Did Colonial Delaware raise oranges as a crop?

Yes colonial Delaware grew oranges as a crop. Vegetables, flax, grain and cattle were also major crops in colonial Delaware.

What kind of jobs did people in colonial Massachusetts have?

lumbering, sailors, and merchants

What are some recipes from colonial Delaware?

There are many recipes that come from colonial Delaware. You could make Colonial Stew, Colonial Apple Pie, Colonial Biscuits or Chile Con Carne colonial Style.

What languages did colonial people in Delaware speak?

Delaware was colonized by the English, so the colonial language was English.

What kind of jobs did they have in colonial New Jersey?

farmers,mill workers,and a lotmore

What was the land of colonial Delaware like?

The land of colonial Delaware was very fertile and was often used for farming and lumber.

What kind of jobs did women and girls have in Delaware?

u need to be cooking taking care of the animals

How was colonial Delaware governed?

Colonial Delaware had its own assembly, granted to it by William penn before it broke off from Pennsylvania.

What are some ethnic groups of colonial Delaware?

Dutch, Swedish, English, Germans, and even Finnish settled in colonial Delaware.

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