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Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry.

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Q: What kind of math is used in shipbuilding?
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What kind of math is used in the medical office field?

Any math can be used.

What kind of software do you use in shipbuilding?

Auto-CAD software, like Ship Constructor, is used in ship building.

what kind of math is used in accountant majors?

Math 1333 or higher is used in a accountant major.

What kind of math is used by welders?


What kind of of math is used in curling?


What kind of math was used in building the Parthenon?

golden ratio

Can popcorn be used to teach math?

depends on what kind of math you are trying to teach, if it just basic math, e.g. addition and subtraction, then yes

How is math used in optometry?

Any kind of measuring uses maths.

Which arc welding process would shipbuilding industry use?

In European Shipbuilding Industries used SMAW,GTAW,GMAW,SAW,FCAW(MAG). In INDIAN Shipbuilding Industries used, LBW,EBW,EGW,ESW,FCAW,SAW.

What kind of letter is used to name a set in Math?

z im not lieing

What kind of math is used in circuitry?

Boolean algebra figures heavily in circuit design.

What kind of math is 10.76890625?

Decimal math