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It is a negative mixed fraction or improper fraction, a rational number, a real number.

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Q: What kind of number is -11 over 9?
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What is 100 over 11 as a mixed number?

It is 9 and 1/11

What set of number is 2 over 9?


What is 9 over 6 as a mixed number?

9/6 = 11/2

What is 9 over 11 as a whole number?

9/11 is a fraction which happens to be less than 1. It is not and cannot be converted to a whole number.

How do you write 100 over 9 as a mixed number?

100/9 written as a mixed number is 11 and 1/9

What is 11 over 9 as a mixed number?

ya face

Is 11 over 9 a rational number?


Is 11 a factor of 9?

Every number except zero is a factor of every other number. Usually this kind of question is intended as a question about integral factors, those that can be paired with another integer to produce the number as a product. In that sense, 9 is not an integral factor of 11, because the paired number with 9 is 11/9, a number that is not an integer.

How do you write ninety nine over eleven as a mixed number?

99/11 is simplified to 9/1 or just 9. this is not a mixed number. It is not a mixed number because the bottom number goes in evenly to the top number. 99 divided by 11 equals 9. however 100/11 is 9 and 1/11. this is because after you divide 100 by 11, there is a remainder of 1. This 1 remainder gets put over the divisor making a fraction of 1/11.

What is the quotient of 1 whole number 2 over 9 divide by 1 whole number 2 over 3?

11/9 x 3/5 = 33/45 = 11/15

What is the reciprocal of 9 over 11?

the answer is 11 over 9

What is negative 9 over positive 11 as a decimal number?

-0.8181 repeating