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It is a counting number,an integer

a perfect square

a rational number

a real number.

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Its a Square number
a perfect square

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Q: What kind of number is 100?
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Related questions

What kind of a number is 100?

it can be even,composite natural, counting

What kind of number is 1.17?

It is a decimal and rational number that can be expressed as a fraction in the form of 117/100

What hind of numbers is 100?

100 is a kind of number that is composite because it has more than 2 factors whereas a prime number has only 2 factors. It is also an even number and a square number.

Is 100 a number?

100 is certainly a number.

What is the answer to 100 multiplied to 100?

100 multiplied by 100 is not a question. It's a number. The number is 10,000 .

How many protons that each atom have?

The number of protons determines what kind of atom (element) it is. It is the atomic number of the more than 100 different elements.

Is 100 an even number or an odd number?

100 is an even number.

What must be true about a number if you know that 45 is 100 percent of the number?

100% of a number is that number since 100% x number = 1 x number 100% x 45 = 45

What is the probability that if you roll a number cube you will get a positive number?

100% or 100/100

What number is 100 prime or composite?

100 is a composite Number.

What is a whole number for 100?

100 already is a whole number.

What is the ordinal number for 100?

The ordinal number for 100 is hundredth.

What number is 50 percent greater than 100?

To get the number that is 50% greater than 100, you first take 50% of 100, which is 50. Then, you add that number to 100. This will give you 150, the number 50% greater than 100.

When a natural number is multiplied by 100 the product is?

A natural number is any positive number that is not 0. Any natural number multiplied by 100 is 100 times the number, or the original number with two 0's added to the end. For example, 2 times 100 is 200. 100 times 100 is 10,000.

Is 100 a whold number?

A whole number is a number without a fraction, so YES, 100 is a whole number.

What is the highest number that goes into 100?

The number is 100.

Write the number that is 100 less?

write the number that is 100 less

The ratio of a number to 100?

it depends on the number, but if that number was represented by x, then it would be x:100 or x/100. a ratio is the same as division.

What is the absolute number of -100?

The absolute number of -100 is 100.

What is 100 percent of 5362?

100% of a number is the number itself. 100% of 5362 is 5362.

Is 0.100 and 100 eqiuvalent decimals?

No, 100 is a whole number. Any number that is to the right of the decimal is NOT a whole number, which does not make 100 and .100 equivalent. Hope this helps!

How do you find 100 percent of a number?

100% of a number is just 1 times that number. That is, the number itself.

What is the even number of 100?

It is 100.

How do you determine 100 percent of a number when 80 percent of the number is unknown?

Divide the number by 20 to find 1% and times this by 100 to give 100%

Is 100 more or less than 100?

actual 100 is equal to 100 the same number can't be more or less then the same number

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