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Square numbers.

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Q: What kind of number is formed when you add two consecutive triangular numbers?
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How many triangular numbers are also square numbers?

There are an many triangular numbers that are also square numbers. Simply put, the sum of two consecutive triangular number equals a square number. Examples include 1 and 36.

What kind of number do you get if you add the squares of two consecutive triangular numbers?

The square of the second number.

Is 36 a triangular number?

36 is a triangular number, Square number and also a Consecutive number.

Triagular numbers are created by adding consecutive counting numbers?

triangular numbers are created when all numbers are added for example: To find the 5 triangular number (1+2+3+4+5).

Is 39 a triangular number?

No, 39 is not a triangular number. The closet triangular numbers are 36 and 45.

How do you convert even number to a triangular number?

You cannot convert even numbers to triangular numbers! There is no such relationship.

Is the number 707 a triangular number?

707 is not a triangular number. The closest triangular numbers to 707 are 703 and 741.

What if you double a triangular number?

You get a sequence of doubled triangular numbers. This sequence can also be represented by Un = n*(n + 1), [products of pairs of consecutive integers]

Can two consecutive numbers be even. Why or Why not?

No, because every other number in the number line is odd so therefore if you have any number of consecutive numbers you will have at least one odd number (if you're talking about consecutive numbers on a number line).

Are nine and six triangular numbers?

6 is a triangular number, but 9 is not.

What are four consecutive numbers that add up to 35?

There are no four consecutive whole numbers that add up to 35. The sum of two consecutive [whole] numbers is an even number plus an odd number which is an odd number. The sum of two consecutive numbers and the two next consecutive numbers is the sum of two odd numbers which is even, but 35 is odd, so no four consecutive whole numbers cannot add up to 35.

What two consecutive numbers equal 70?

There are no two consecutive numbers that equal 70 because the sum of any two consecutive numbers is an odd number.

How do you make 92 with consecutive numbers?

Adding consecutive pairs of numbers will always turn out to be an odd number. It would have to be consecutive odd numbers: 45 and 47.

Is 21 a triangular number?

Yes, the number 21 is indeed a triangular number. Other triangular numbers are 6,10, and 15.

How Are Triangular And Cubed Numbers Linked?

The sum of the first n cubed numbers is the square of the nth triangular number.

Is 31 a triangular number?

Nope Triangular numbers are 1,3,6,10,15,21,28,36

Which two consecutive numbers lie between 32?

No numbers (consecutive or not) can lie between a single number.

What any two consecutive numbers add up to make 12?

Consecutive numbers will always total an odd number. Consecutive odd numbers or consecutive primes would be 5 and 7.

What in consecutive numbers?

You seem to be asking what consecutive numbers are. Consecutive numbers are integers in order, with each one being exactly 1 higher than the previous one. To put it another way, each number is the next higher integer after the previous one. For example, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 are consecutive numbers. One can also refer to consecutive even numbers, consecutive odd numbers, consecutive square numbers, etc. In each case, each number in the sequence is the next higher number of the specified kind after the previous one. For example, 12, 14, 16, 18 are consecutive even numbers.

Is the sum of 2 consecutive triangular numbers a prime number?

No, it never is.No, it never is.No, it never is.No, it never is.

What is the meaning of a consecutive composite number?

21 and 22 are consecutive composite numbers.

Formula of triangular numbers?

The nth triangular number is 0.5*n*(n+1)

Is 32 a triangular number?

32 is not a triangular number. The first few triangular numbers are 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, ...

What two consecutive number have a product of 324?

No two consecutive numbers have a product that is an even number. Any two consecutive numbers include one odd number and one even number. The product of one odd number and one even number is always an odd number.

Did number two and three are prime numbers they are also consecutive numbers. Are there other parents of prime that are consecutive numberswhy or why not?

No other prime numbers are consecutive because there aren't any other even prime numbers.

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