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a decagon has 10 sides and 10 angles


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Q: What kind of polygon in math has 10 sides and 10 vertices?
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What kind of polygon in math has 7 sides?

A 7 sided polygon is an heptagon

In math what shape has 9 vertices?

A polygon with 9 vertices is a nonagon.

Math trivias about polygons?

A polygon with four unequal sides is a quadrilateral. A polygon with five sides is a pentagon. The polygon with the least number of sides is the triangle.

What is a hexagon math?

a polygon with 6 sides

What does quadrilaterals math in a math question?

A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides.

What does a math shape look like?

vertices with edges maybe a quadrilateral with 4 sides or known as a polygon has more than 3 or more sides also a right angle thats ALWAYS 90 degrees

What is polygon in math?

Any shape with 3 or more sides.

Deca in math?

Deca means ten. In math, a polygon called a decagon has ten sides.

Prism how many edges and vertices?

a prism always have 6 or 8 edges and vertices learn math dang * * * * * Good point! Learn math - or maths even. A prism is a generic name for a 3-d shape with two congruent polygonal "bases" with n-sides each, and n rectangles joining them together. That means a prism with a n-polygon base has 3n edges and 2n vertices.

What are vertices in 3rd grade math?

Vertices are on a shape when two sides meet up and create a corner. For example, a square has 4 vertices, a tringle has 3 vertices, a circle has no vertices. (singular is 'vertex').

What are vertices 5th grade math?

Vertices are the corners in a shape. Lets start with a triangle, It has 3 sides and 3 vertices's. I hope this answers your question Jordan McNeill

Which polygon has perpendicular sides?

quadrilateral has perpendicular lines