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Q: What letter did sweet feets shoes have on them?
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How do you use your Nike shoes?

i puts thems on my feets

What is another name for wheels on a car?

feets, shoes, thangs, soles, rubber, roots, chrome, etc...

What are sweet kicks?

it usually means something like "cool shoes" or "nice shoes"

How many feets are in 157 centimeters?

5.15 feets

Is sweet classic shoes are the same as nike blazers?


How many feets goes in one yard?

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How do you convert 426 meters to feets as in elevation?

1 meter = 3.28084 feets (rounded) . . 426 meters = 1,397.6 feets (rounded)

Where can you get roller shoes?

in africa at the fird sop on verding sweet

What actors and actresses appeared in Lose Those Shoes Sweet Betty Lane - 1997?

The cast of Lose Those Shoes Sweet Betty Lane - 1997 includes: Betty Lane as Betty

How long is 2 feets?

2 feet (not feets) is 60.96 centimetres.

How many concret block in 10 feets by10 feets?

10x10=100 ft

How many feets are a yard?

1 yard are 3 feets