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One acre is 4,840 square yards or 43,560 square feet, and so a square piece of land measuring 208.71032 feet on all four sides is approximately an acre. The number of sets of dimensions that will equal an acre is infinite. For instance, a piece of land 10 feet wide and 4,356 feet long is exactly one acre because 10 x 4,356 = 43,560. Moreover, a piece of land 30 feet wide and 1,452 feet long is an acre because the two dimensions equal 43,560 square feet when multiplied.

Even circles can be acres! In fact, a circle having a diameter of 235.564 feet is approximately an acre because the formula for determining the area of circles proves that such a circle is almost equal to 43,560 square feet.

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Q: What linear dimensions make an acre of land?
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What metric dimensions make an acre of land?

The square meter is the metric (International) unit of area. Google gives 1 acre as 4046.86 sq. meters.

What linear dimensions make a plot of land?

A plot of land is defined by its length and widthassuming it's rectangular. More complicated shapes require more dimensions to accurately define it.

How many yards make an acre of land?

43,560 square feet in an acre

What linear dimensions make five acres square of land?

A square-shape plot of land that is five acres would have four sides each measuring 466.69 feet long.

How many plots of land make one acre of land in Nigeria?

6 plots make 1 acre. 6 acres make 1 hectare. Therefore, 36 plots make 1 hectre.

How many plots of land make one acre of land in Ghana?

Six plots 90*100 makes one acre in Ghana

What linear dimensions make five acres of land. This is so we can put up a fence around the five acres?

ok - I was just looking for the same thing for the same reason and think I have come up with the answer. Assuming your 5 acres is rectanguar (2 acres accross and 2.5 acres deep) the dimensions should roughly be 416' x 520' (based on an acre being 208' and not an Irish acre which is about 60% larger than a US acre). I calculated a perimeter of 1,872', and at the cheapest I have found white vinyl fencing at $4.81 per foot - this works out to be just over $9,000!!! Think I'll start saving now :-(

How many trees are in a single acre of rain forest?

There are as many trees as you want to have, the trees don't make the acre, the measurement of the land does...

How many lots make up an acre of land?

It depends on the size of the lots. Out of 1 acre, you could get four 1/4-acre lots, but only 1/2 of a 2-acre lot.

How many plants will fit into 1 acre spaced at twelve inches apart?

The question didn't specify the size of the acre of land and the answer could vary depending on the dimensions of the acre, so we will have to make some assumptions to do this correctly. An acre of land is approximately 208' x 208' squared (the actual number is 208.71032557111303'), but the math isn't as nice so let's use a rectangular shaped acre of land measuring 132' x 330' in size (132' x 330' = 43,560) and also a parcel of land measuring 198' x 220' (198' x 220' = 43,560). Basically you could use any dimension that divides nicely into 43,560 since the question didn't specify. If you had a property that was 132' x 330' in size you would multiply 133 x 331 and you would get 44,023 or 44,023 plants that could be planted in an acre of land at these dimensions. And if you had a property that measured 198' x 220' in size you would multiply 199 x 221 and get only 43,979 plants, slightly less than the previous example, that could be planted in an acre using these dimensions.

How many square feet make a plot?

A plot of land can be different sizes. I have had an acre plot, and a quarter of an acre plot. So they can be different.

Can you build a 200 capacity building on a acre of land?

make it a high rise building

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