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Q: What lines go straight across?
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Does length go up an down or straight across?

Straight across

Do latitude lines go up and down or across?

Latitude lines go -------- (across) And Longitude goes | | | (up & down)

Do lines of longitude on a map go up and down or across?


What is parallel line in math?

two straight lines that will never intersect. ex. ___________ _____________ the lines go straight and never met.

Why do shadows go in straight lines?

Because light travels in straight lines. (unless some form of meta-material is present in its path).

Do the lines of longitude on a map go up and down or across?

Longitude lines go up and down on a map.

What is curvilinear pattern?

A curvilinear pattern is a curvilinear shape ( a shape made completely of curved lines. no straight lines/edges) repeated across a plane.

Why can't contour lines cross?

Contour lines are elevation so they go up and not across

How do you connect nine lines with four dots without overlapping the lines and not lifting your pencil?

start at the bottom left hand corner and go straight up and over the top left hand corner then go horizontally down and even with the bottom right hand corner then go straight across the bottom to the bottom left hand corner and go horizontally to the top right hand corner

What is differences between parallelism and perpendicularity?

parallell lines will never touch each other (if they went on forever) perpendicular lines touch each other at a 90° angle (one straight up; one straight across

What do you draw straight lines with?

you draw straight lines with a ruler

How many straight lines are there in a pentagon?

there are 5 straight lines

Where can you find a straight across bathingsuit?

you can go to a lazensa or a stage shop

What does the lines latitude run from?

Latitude lines are like bands across the Earth. They go from East to South.

Is a row straight across or up and down?

but it is really up and down not straight across. I disagree with that a row is straight across

What are the parallels and latitudes on maps?

Parallels are lines that go up and down the map, latitudes are lines that go across the map from side to side.

Where in dizzywood is the jaguar head?

Itz in Tanglevine Jungle. Go across the lake and go straight.

What is the definition of a horizontal line?

Horizontal lines are straight curves that typically runs from left to right across the page, usually sharing the same y-coordinate. Horizontal lines are perpendicular to vertical lines.

Can you skip in straight lines in checkers?

no u have to go diagnol at all times

What are straight lines that never cross called?

Straight lines that never cross are called parallel lines.

What did he call straight lines?


Are all straight angles straight lines?

Think about this: A straight angle makes 180 degrees, right? Straight lines, when measured by a compass, are also 180 degrees. So, yes, all straight angles are straight lines.

When was Despite Straight Lines created?

Despite Straight Lines was created in 1983.

What is Horizontal dusting?

i think the horizontal is the line go up and vertical is the line go straight across

What is a instrument used to construct straight lines in math?

A straight edge or a ruler are used to construct straight lines.