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Bugs and other slugs

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Q: What lives in a rotting log?
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What animal or plant lives in a rotting log?

A Jack fuller

Do caterpillars lives in a rotting log?

Caterpillars that I have observed seem to prefer live vegetation, but a rotting log may contain grubs and other larvae.

What relationship does a fungus grow on a rotting log?

Fungus grows on the rotting log because the log is dying. The log could be rotting because of the fungus being on the log.

What is the procedure in the ecosystem to a rotting log?

you go to your dad and find his but then slap it and u get a rotting log

What are the living conditions in a rotting log community?

The place will be dark and cold in a rotting log community.

What animals live a rotting log under a rotting log?

rotting logs is a home to wood lice,bugs and maybe some snakes.Termites live in rotting logs.

What is a rotting log?

Its a part of a tree that is dead and rotting away.

What plants live under a rotting log?

Many saprophytic fungi, such as Polyporus, live under a rotting log.

How a rotten log can be a ecosystem?

cause it is rotting

Is a rotting log a living thing?

non living thing

Where do bracket fungus live in?

Rotting log

What are the organisms that digest the rotting log for food?

Rotting log? Animals? e.g. toadstools and bracket fungus Credits - Mr. Black Don't mind the word

What kind of relationship is it when a fungus grows on a rotting log?

If you are assuming the rotting log is still a livingorganism, it would be a parasitic relationship. But the log is dead.You could discuss the relationship between the fungus producing fertilizer for the living trees around the rotting log.

What kinds of animals live in a rotting log?


Why is rotting log can be considered an ecosystem?

Can a fallen log be considered an ecosystem? Explain your answer.

What type of insects eat rotting log?

the rotten log eating insect (named dixie normus)

What is the temperature of rotting log community?

The temperature is around 20C

A good habitat when rotting?

ghhyt Log

What is the relationship when fungus grows on a rotting log?

The relationship represented by fungus growing on a rotting log is a decomposer relationship. Ants crawling all over the body of a dead worm would be an example of scavengers.

Why is a rotting log considered a biotic factor in the environment?

The log itself, if it is dead, is abiotic. But decomposers on it, such as fungi, are biotic.

How do plants benefit from a rotting log?

you guys are idiots if you dont know what they benefit from a rotin log so you tell me

What is a rotting log ecosystem with picture?

i dont get ur question =P

How is a rotting log an ecosystem?

organisms live in it... O_O

Is a rotting log a ecosytem?

A roting log is indeed an ecosystem. There can be bugs and small animals living in it so it is therefore an ecosystem.

What organisms live in the rotting log community?

Fugus.woodlice.milipedes.earthworm.centipedes.spiders.ants.termites.passalid beetle.bugs.maybe and lichen