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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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Q: What location is protected 24 hour every day by honor guard?
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What location is protected 24 hours every day by the honor guard?

Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

What location is protected 24 hours every day by honor guard?

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

How do you get the halo wars covenant wraith honor guard?

Be the profet...and its just honor guard, not wraith honor guard...

When was Guard of Honor - novel - created?

Guard of Honor - novel - was created in 1948.

What is the exact wording of the first tenet of the ARNG Honor Guard leadership?

Every member of the ARNG Honor Guard shares our responsibility to represent the best of the United States Army to our Nation and to the world.

What is the composition of the Honor Guard?

Composition of an honor gard

Why do we have to guard the Tomb of the Unknown?

Because it pays Honor and respect to these Unknowns and to every American who has given his life for this Nation.

Did Steve McQueen serve as a Marine in Korea?

Steve McQueen did serve in the United States Marines. He was a member of the Honor Guard and protected the Presidents Yacht. He did not serve in Korea.

Who stood guard at John F Kennedy's casket?

honor guard

How many days a year is the Tomb of the Unknown guarded?

Every day, all the time. It's considered an honor to guard the tomb.

What are requirements to be in civil air patrol honor guard?

You must attend and graduate from an official Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard Academy.

What is the difference between the Color Guard and the Honor Guard?

Color Guard is the unit of persons bearing the national colors usually with two armed persons. An Honor Guard are the escort guards at either a funeral or a visiting dignitary.

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