What looks like a cone?

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a ice cream cone

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Q: What looks like a cone?
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How do you find the height of a cone?

It depends on what the cone looks like.

What does a cone look like in a plane shape?

From a distance a cone looks like an isosceles triangle.

What are facts about a cinder cone volcano?

a cinder cone volcanoe looks like an upside down ice cream cone.

Which animal looks like a pine cone?

A Pangolin

Description of what tornado looks like?

a whirling cone

What does the top view of a cone look like?

Looks like a circle to me.

What shape when you look at it from the top looks like a circle and when you look at it from thefront it looks like a triangle and when you look at it from the side it looks like a triangle?

A Cone

What does Maine's state flower look like?

it looks like a pine cone

What is the shape of cinder cone volcanoes?

A cinder cone looks like a cone which is why it's named a cinder cone. they look like what people typically imaging volcanoes to look like. An upside down ice-cream cone or a tall rounded pointy mountain.

How does the volume of a cone change if the radius is tripled?

it looks like a circle.

Why is a lava lamp shaped like a cone?

It looks cool that way

What plant has a seed pod that looks like a lace cone with a red seed inside?

sounds like it may be a cycad cone, try googling "encephalartos cone" on goole images for confirmation

What do cone volcaneoes look like?

A cone volcano is what most people think of when you say volcano; it looks like a mountain with a bit missing at the top. Mount Fuji is a perfect example of a cone volcano.

What is the difference between a square pyramid cylinder and a cone?

a cone looks like an ice cream cone and a cylinder has 2 circles (one on each side) figure it out

What does composite volcanoes look like?

a cinder cone volcanoe looks like a ant hill

What is the shape that looks like a circle from top and a triangle from the side?

Cone shaped

What do cinder cone volcanoes look like?

Cinder cone volcanoes look kind of like a mound/donut shaped. from the side view, it looks like there's a donut hole at the top in the middle. From the top view, it looks basically like a donut from the top view. =)

What does a tornado look like?

A tornado typically looks like a funnel or cone extending from the clouds to the ground.

Facts About the cinder cones?

it looks like a cone

What Pokemon looks like an acorn?

The Pokemon that looks like a acorn is Seedot. There's a Pokemon that looks like a pine-cone called Pineco. In addition there's a Pokemon called Ferroseed that is based on the spiky cocklebur.

More facts about the valcanoe cinder cone?

it looks like a coneit is quiet but dangerousit loks funny

What describes a cone?

A cone is a 3D object having a flat circular base with a tapering circular body meeting at its vertex and its looks like a witch's hat.

What shape has one flat side it roll and the flat side looks like a circle?

A cone.

Is a cone a regular polyhedron?

No but it is still a 3 dimensional shape that looks like a witch's hat

What does a ruler measuring a cone looks like?

It should look by the calaculations of math (3y=|^) it would look like a house

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