What makes 2 radii?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Any two lines segments from the circumference of a circle or sphere to its centre.

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Q: What makes 2 radii?
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What is the sum of radii?

2 radii = one diameter

Why are the ionic radii of metallic elements smaller than the atomic radii of the same elements?

The ionic radii of metallic elements is smaller than its atomic radii, because the ion has less electrons. This gives it a smaller electron cloud and makes the atom smaller.

How many radii is 2288 miles per hour?

The question makes no sense.

How many radii of a circle will equal its circumference?

Well, the equation for finding the circumfrence of a circle is (diameter)(pi). That is diameter times pi. since the diameter of a circle is 2 radii, we can say that there is 2(pi) radii in a circle.

How many radii equal one diameter?


What is the ratio of the circumferences of two wheels if the ratio of their radii is 2 to 3?

The ratio of all lengths is the same. The ratio of the circumferences = ratio of the radii = 2:3

What is the change in atomic radii for the elements in period 2?


What is 2 circles of same radii called?

They are congruent circles

What is the difference between atomic radii and ionic radii?

atomci radii measures for an atom ionic radii measures for an ion

Does two diameter make a radius?

No, 2 radii makes a diameter, because the diameter is the line which goes across the circle and exactly in the middle, and radius is the line from the circumference to the center. So r/2 = d

What is a minor arc in a circle?

It is the smaller of the 2 part divided between 2 radii

What is part of the circumference of a circle cut off by 2 radii?

The arc.