What makes a hypothosis testable?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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when you perform the experiment

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Q: What makes a hypothosis testable?
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What does a scientist do after he makes a hypothosis?

Design an appropriate experiment to test the hypothesis.

What makes a hypotheses testable?

A hypotheses becomes testable by actually doing the experiment and seeing what you find.

What makes a hypothoses testable?

Limits in the Ability to make measurements or not.

What is hypothosis?

it is a problem

Why do hypothosis need to be testable?

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What is a proven hypothosis?

a theory.

What is the next step if the data from an investigation do not support the original hypothosis?

Recheck data and if still valid, scrap hypothosis

What makes a question scientific?

Mainly ... is it testable.

What makes a hypothesis in a science experiment testable?

Prediction of Observation. An Hypothesis is testable when it predicts what observations will occur under some circumstance that can be experimentally created.Either it does so accurately, or it does not.

What does intooduction mean in science?

ithink its a hypothosis

Scientific must be testable and capable of being proven false.?


The proposed solution to the question a scientist asks is the?