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When you use an actual calibrated tool to measure it and not just guess based on appearance...

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Q: What makes measurements accurate?
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If careful and accurate scientific measurements disagree with the measurements predicted by a theory then what?

The measurements are inaccuarate.

What provides a more accurate description of matter than measurements?

There is no more accurate descriptions of matter than measurements. To get the description right make your measurements precise.

Can a flask perform accurate measurements?

It depends on what flask and what the quality of it is. If there is a hole in the flask, then obviously, no measurements. Most of the time, flasks do NOT give the most accurate measurements. Although, they do give more accurate measurements than a human eyeball and flasks do have their strengths compared to other tools as well.

What equipment is used to make accurate measurements of these two quantities during an attempt on the LSR?

the equipment used to make accurate measurements of is a watch

Can measurements be accurate and not precise?

Yes. In fact, almost all measurements are approximations. Even the most accurate of scientific devices have a degree of uncertainty to them.

A measurement that is accurate is one that?

The measurement that is accurate is one that is precise. These are also commonly titled accurate measurements in the books.

How accurate were Robert Millikans measurements compared to today values?

The difference in measurements was approx. 0,6 %.

What are the uses of measuring tools?

To obtain accurate measurements.

Why did they choose the middle of the pacific ocean for these measurements?

for them to be accurate

How important is accurate measurement's in cooking?

Accurate measurements help allow for accurate results in cooking. A perfect example is in baking.

How important is it to have accurate measurements in science?

Very, the more accurate the the measurements the more accurate the results, thus furthering more accurate tests down the road based on said results. The more tests you do on bad results the further off the results get with every test you do. Changing the independent of the test with bad measurements would void a result.

Why is taking accurate measurements important to science?

because its cool

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