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check ball joints or tie rods. ----

It is a common problem on all windstars. Ford has 3 service bulletins out covering this problem.

First, it could be ball joint or tie rod ends, as the other user stated. So remove the outer tie rod end and then pushing the wheel from side to side and see if the nose is no longer there.

It can be from rocks & debris building up between the strut mount and body and rubbing when the wheels are turned. It can be due to a strut mount bearing failing, causing the strut to rub on the mount when turning. This is the most common and replacing the strut( if its due) and putting in new strut mounts will often get rid of it.

It can be due to the rubber in the strut mount shrinking, letting the top of the strut rub on the body, this will cause it to make noise when its cold outside and it may go away when the weather warms up. It can also be air traped in the Power Steering system due to a bad design.

Ford sells thin strut spacers about 1/8" thick that give more space between the body and strut mount. If you replace the mounts and they still rub inside the strut tower you may need these.

They also sell new spring insulators, that may help the spring from rubbing on rocks and debris that may build up. And they have a redesigned power steering line that will help quite noisy power steering systems.

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Q: What makes the ford 2000 windstar to squeak when turning left on dead stop or driving slow and not to right?
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