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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What makes up more than 50 of all livings things?
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Is their livings things in Neptune?

There is no known life on any planet other than Earth.

What makes up more than 50 of living things?


What makes up more than 50 precent of living things?


What makes up more than 50 percent of living things?


What makes up more than 50 percent of all living things?


How many things is how many things?

Many things is more than two, more than a few, and more than some. But it is less than endless or infinite things. So many things is the amount that means "many" to you.

What makes a credit card more convenient than a debit card?

It can be used to buy things without immediate payment.

What kind of lens makes things bigger than they are?

it makes it bigger because your fat

What makes up more than half of your blood?

The component that makes up more than half of the blood is plasma.

Are things heavier or lighter on earth than Jupiter?

Things are much lighter on Earth than Jupiter, because the great mass of the planet Jupiter (Over 4 times that of Earth) creates more of a gravitational pull, which makes you more heavy in Jupiter.

Is stereotyping offensive?

Yes, stereotypes makes people feel less or more than they are because of things other poeple believe based on things people make up

What makes a compound diffrent from a mixture?

a compound is made up of more than one pure substance and a mixture is things mixed toghter

What makes a women happy?

Love and concern from her very loved ones will make a woman happy more than any other things.

Why do humans float on the Dead Sea?

Since the dead sea has more salt than normal oceans. salt makes things float.

Do lighter things have more mass than heavy things?


Why does salt in water make objects float?

Things float in water if they are less dense than the water they are floating in. Putting salt in the water makes it more dense, so things that are a little more dense than ordinary water float in salt water.

What a microscope do?

A microscope magnifys or makes things look bigger than they are.

Why do hot atoms move colder than warm atoms?

Because heat makes things expand, and cold makes things contract.("'\(o.o)/"')

What molecules makes up more than half of the human body?

H2O or water makes up more than half the human body.

What is a watery liquid that makes up more than half of your blood?

Plasma is the watery liquid that makes more than half of the blood by volume.

What makes a group?

more than one person is in it

What dish soap makes more bubbles dawn or Ajax?

dawn makes more buubles than ajax

What is in salt that makes things bouyant in water?

It is more dense than water, so when it dissolves in water, it raises the average density of water, so more objects can float more readily in the solution.

Do things that are round bounce more than things that are square?


How and why do people and things move in India?

India is a much more crowded nation than the US, which makes travel more difficult, but other than that, people and things move in the same ways, by foot, by bicycle, by car, by bus, by train, by airplane, by boat, sometimes even on horseback.