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a colon

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Jerald Orn

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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Anathema Grimm

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The punctuation, or mark that separates the hour and the minute is this


(ex) 9:24 PM

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Q: What marks separates the hour and minute when one is writing down time?
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What mark separates the hour and the minute when one is writing down the time?

a colon

What mark separates the hour when one is writing down time?

A colon.

What mark separates the hour and minutes when one is writing down time?

a colon

What mark separates the hour and the minutes when one is writing down time?

this thing : as in 10:25 a colon

What mark separates the hour and the minutes when one is writing down the time?


What mark sepperates the hour and minute when one is writing down time?

: 8:30am

Do you need to quote when a new person is talking?

Yes you need to use quotation marks when writing down what someone new says.

What is staff notation?

Staff Notation is a music notation like quotation marks except used in music not writing. It is with the five lines going down.

How do you set the clock on a 02 Chevrolet Cavalier without the marks on the buttons?

The hour and minute button in mine are the tiny buttons under the volume knob. The one on the left is the hour and the one on the right is the minute. Just hold it down for a second and it will change.

What is a word to repeat someone else's words in speech or writing and start with qu?

A quote is to repeat some else's words; be sure to use quote marks if you write it down.

How do you make an upside down exclamation mark on your iPad for Spanish writing?

You can hold down the ? mark and a choice of the two marks (? And ¿) will come up. Then, (without taking your finger off the screen) slide your finger to the ¿ mark. Hope this helped! :)

How many seconds are there on a clock?

that all depends on what kind of clock you have. some clocks tick for 60 seconds until it reaches the next minute. other clocks can have second marks on them that they move to. digital clocks do not have second marks unless you press a button that shows the seconds going up or down.

Are upside down exclamation marks used in portugeuse?

No, they're not. Neither are upside-down question marks. Spanish: ¿Cómo te llamas? Portuguese: Como te chamas?

Where are speech marks on a keyboard?

Speech marks " are obtained by holding down the SHIFT key, and pressing the number 2

How would you start when writing down a recipe?

You start by writing down all the ingredient's needed in whatever you are making

How do you make upside down exclamation marks?

you do a lowercase i

How do you break down cents per minute?

The answer will depend on what you want to break it down into!

What separates the two cerebrallar hempispheres?

The fissure (what appears to be a crack down the middle of the brain).

How many times does a frogs throat move up and down in a minute?

104 times in one minute

What mark separates the hours and the minutes when one is writing down time?

Generally, in the US at least, the colon is used, i.e. 2:15 pm. In military time, no mark at all is used; 2:15 pm is written as 1415 hours.i dont now

What is a minute scales?

In the music world a minute scale is used for practicing scales. It is the performing a musical scale, the notes up and down in an octave, in under a minute.

Do a .38 special revolver have bullets marks after it left the barrel?

A bullet that has left the barrel has marks left from its travel down the barrel.

Where are the timing marks on a 85 GMC 305?

if you look behind the water pump straight down u can see the timing marks.

What is free writing?

writing down everything that crosses your mind as quickly as you can.

What is the synonym for writing?

jotting down, and scribbling are two synonyms for writing