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I think i dont know

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Q: What material is used for inclined plane?
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What is the inclined plane made out of?

The Inclined Plane is made out of any material that is positioned at an angle to a surface.

What is a inclined plane commonly used for?

I think that a inclined plane is used to make work easier.Ex:A ramp

The ancient what used the inclined plane to build what?

the ancient Egyptians used the inclined plane to build there amazing pyramids.

How many times has the inclined plane been used?

The inclined plane has been utilized probably billions of times . . . especially if you call screw threads a coiled inclined plane.

An inclined plane is an example of what machine?

The inclined plane is a simple machine because it can be used to use less force.

An inclined plane is an example of a with no moving parts?

An inclined plane is an example of a tool with no moving parts. This is because it is used to assist.

What is the inclined plane used for?

An inclined plane is a type of simple machine that makes it easier to move object up or downhill.

What are the uses of a inclined plane?

The inclined plane is used for things such as a loading ramp, handicap ramp, bike ramp etc.

How are a wedge and a inclined plane different?

A wedge is used to 'push' something apart such as wood. An inclined plane is basically a ramp.

Is there a screw that is also an inclined plane?

No, a screw is not an inclined plane. Although a screw can be used to convert rotational motion into linear motion, it is fundamentally different from an inclined plane, which is a flat surface that is slanted at an angle.

How is a edge related to an incline plane?

In geometry an inclined plane would be infinite and so would not have and edge. And edge does not need an inclined plane. In school mechanics (physics or mathematics), an inclined plane is often used to study forces. But in almost all cases the edges of the inclined plane are "out-of-bounds".

Is a hammer a inclined plane?

Yes, a hammer is a inclined plane. It's head, is the inclined plane.