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The answer depends on where he/she is studying.

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Q: What math classes does a pediatric orthopedic surgeon have to take?
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What causes do you need to study to be a surgeon?

To be a surgeon, you should take math and science classes in high school, then take biology or premed classes in college and go to medical school.

What high school classes should I take to be a general surgeon?

Science and math are important. Biology & physics will be good preparation for pre-medical classes in college. /brian W

How is math used for a surgeon?

''' because they use math to do surgery'''

How is math used in pediatric oncology?

Math is used in the determination of the chemo drug doses

What math classes should a nurse take?

what math classes are required in college for a nurse what math classes are required in college for a nurse

What math classes do you have to take to be a veterinarian?

the math classes you have to take to be veterinarian is the number of classes you have to take to be a veterinarian.

What type of math is used by pediatric nurses?

Pediatric nurses use measuring,weighing,counting,ratios, and proportions.

What high school subjects help in becoming a surgeon?

ScienceBiology, Zoology, Anatomy, Latin, All science classes and math and algebra as well. Take your core classes to their highest level, 4 years or more of each. Science, math, english, History, and second language.

What math classes are needed for nfl football player?

Math classes up to and including geometry,

What math classes are required in professional soccer?

Math classes that are required for professional soccer are Algebra and Geometry.

How many math courses do you have to take to become a pediatric nurse?

A Hell of a lot!

What does it require to be a doctor?

it require all of math classes and science classes biology classes

What kind of math do you need to become a surgeon?

measurments calculus

What is educational requirement for a heart surgeon?

Science, math and chemistry

What math classes need to be taken to become a paleonologist?

take as many advanced math classes in high school, You also need math through calculus

What high school courses should you take if you want to become a surgeon?

Biology and Chemistry. Classes involving use of mechanical devices or instruments, such as robotics or a shop class. Additionally, advance math and science classes to ensure aptitude and creativity development.

What math and math classes are required to be drawing artist?

to draw a graph

Is math or math literacy need to become a heart surgeon?

yes, math is going to be needed in every job you ever desire to have

When does a heart surgeon use math?

A Cardiac surgeon could use math finding how many heart beats per minute a patient has or how much blood a patient needs for a surgery.

What is the answer to the math sheetwhat did ignatz say to her brain surgeon say abouut her brain surgeon?

I really gave him a piece of my mind

What is 8d in math?

8D in Mathematics is a site offering classes in ABACUS Math.

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