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Q: What mathematical operation does a fraction represent?
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Related questions

What mathematical operation is indicated by the fraction bar?

Divide (by)

What operation does the fraction bar represent?


Add proper fraction?

Yes, that is a perfectly valid mathematical operation.

What is an obelus?

An obelus is a symbol consisting of a short horizontal line with a dot above and below, often used to represent the mathematical operation of division.

What is a mathematical inverse operation?

an operation that reverses the effect of the equation

What does braces mean in a mathematical term?

Braces are these {} and in mathematics it signifies one of many things. It may represent a "Set". It may represent an operation - enclosed within it - that has to be done and evaluated before proceeding to the next level of nesting etc., etc.

What is a mathematical operation?

Division, multiplication, addition and subtraction are all mathematical operations.

What is a mathematical phrase that uses variables numbers and operation symbols?

An expression.

What does equivalent fraction mean?

It's simply an alternative way to write the same fraction. For example, an equivalent fraction for 1/2 could be 2/4, 3/6 or 12/24. They all represent the same value (one half) - just not in its simplest form.

What is a mathematical calculation or operation?


What does the multiplier do on a PC?

The mathematical operation of multiplication.

What is a mathematical phrase containing numbers and operation symbols?

Algebraic expressions is a mathematical phrase that contains operations numbers or variables.

What is inverese in algebbra?

An inverse operation is the opposite action of mathematical operation. for instance you would replace + with -

What is a mathematical phrase that uses only numbers and operation symbols?

it is a varible

How do you change an improper fraction to a?

The variable "a" can be given to any number, fraction or mathematical value.

What is the mathematical term for when you flip a fraction?

Reciprocal !

What is the mathematical phrase containing numbers and operation?

An expression

What mathematical operation may involve borrowing?


What is 132 divisible by?

Division by "?" is not a legitimate mathematical operation!

Is C a symbol for a mathematical operation in Excel?

No it isn't.

Is multipication the only mathematical operation?

No because the four main mathematical operations are division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

What operation is the same as dividing by a fraction?

Multiplying by the reciprocal of the fraction.

What fraction is equal to the mathematical term pi?

The mathematical term of pi is approximated equal to 22/7. :)

Can you use a mathematical model to represent a human heart?

Mathematical models are increasingly being used nowadays to represent almost anything that scientists wish to examine. Therefore there is very likely to already be a mathematical model for a human heart. So the answer is yes.

What is the answer of a fraction called?

Fractions do not have answers unless they are part of an actual mathematical equation.A fraction on its own is simply a fraction,nothing more.