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Trigonometry and the Pythagoras theorem were used in the pyramids.

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Q: What maths was involved in the pyramids?
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How is math used in monuments?

maths theories are widely used in monumental architecture. for example , in pyramids located in egypt, correct properties of pyramids were used . in taj,mahal ,the symmatrical properties are used.

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Where any kids involved in building the pyramids?

It is impossible to say for sure, but quite likely there were.

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Has grain been found in pyramids?

No, no grains have been found inside the pyramids themselves. However, archaeological evidence shows that grains like wheat and barley were stored in granaries near the pyramids to feed the workers involved in their construction.

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When they build the pyramids?

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids as monumental tombs for their pharaohs. The construction process involved thousands of laborers working for many years to quarry, transport, and stack massive stones. The pyramids were designed to help the pharaohs reach the afterlife.

What is the main idea of the section titled pyramids?

The main idea of the section about pyramids is to explain the history, significance, and construction of pyramids in ancient civilizations. It discusses their use as monumental structures, tombs for pharaohs, and their architectural symbolism in cultures like ancient Egypt. Additionally, it may touch upon the engineering techniques involved in building pyramids.

How do you do Pythagoras theorem in square based pyramids?

There are no right angles in a square based pyramid, so Pythagoras and his theorem are not involved.