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Mathematically speaking, it means nothing. FAIRLY EQUAL is not half. Half is EXACTLY equal.

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Q: What means a half or either of two fairly equal parts?
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It means a half or either of two fairly equal parts it is a name of pueblo in eastern new mexcio?

this meaning is the meanin gof the word moiety

What does equal parts by mass mean?

it means to have and equal part of mass

What word means separable into equal parts?


What are the differences between asymmetrical bilaterl and radial?

Assemetry means you cannot dissect an organism into any equal parts. Bilateral symmetry means the orgamnism can be divided into two equal parts, having a central line. Radially symmetrical means the organism can be divided into equal parts at many planes.

What either of two equal parts of a figure is?


Which means to cut into two equal parts A bisect B bivalve C dissect D trisect?

It is A to bisect is to cut into two equal parts

Why is 2 tenths greater than 2 hudredths?

A tenth means that you divide something into 10 equal parts. A hundredth means that you divide something into a hundred equal parts. If you divide something into MORE parts, each part will be SMALLER.

What is I over 2 as fraction means?

It means one out of two equal parts: in words, a half.

What means to divide into two equal parts?

Dividing number by 2.

Is a denominator either a number of equal parts in all or number of equal parts considered?

The denominator is the bottom number of the fraction. It tells how many parts in all. The numerator is the top number of the fraction which tells you the number of parts considered.

What does bisect mean in geometry?

bisect means to cut into 2 equal parts.

What fraction means five out of 9 equal parts?