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Q: What means to perform all the indicated operations to an expression in math?
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What is to perform the indicated operations?

It means to Simplify

To perform all indcated operations is called?

It means to solve and do all the work

What is versatile computer?

versatility of computer means that the computer is able to perform various types of functions or operations.

What is the music meaning of Espressivo?

[It.] A directive to a musician to perform a certain passage with expression.

What does it mean to evaluate each expression when there is an exponent?

To evaluate an expression means to find its numerical value. A power consists of a base and an exponent. According to the order of operations, operations inside parentheses (or other grouping symbols) are performed first, followed by the evaluation of powers ... then (*/) and (+-).

What is to substitute for a variable and perform the given operations?

that means to replace the variable with it's value, and then do all the mathematical symbols as normal (+-x/)

What does indicated?

Indicated means to point out or show

What does parentheses in a mathematical equation means?

Parentheses in an equation tell you that you must perform that operation before any other operations, regardless of what operation that may be.

What do you use to find the value of a numeric or algebraic expression by following the order of operations?

Pemdas means parentheses exponents Multipacation division Add Subtract Hope this helps :)

How many cobblestone can be smelted with a block of coal in minecraft?

A single piece of coal can perform 8 furnace operations in minecraft 1.6, so that means 8 pieces of cobblestone.

What is the value of 40y -1 if the value of y is 5?

Just do the following:* Replace "y" by 5 * Do the indicated operations. Note: 40y means to multiply 40 times the value of "y".

What expression means the same that whatever you want?

what you want