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The answer is metres because there is 100 centimetres (cm) in a metre (m)!

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Q: What measurement is longer centimeters or meters?
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How much longer is 2.8 meters than 208 centimeters?

2.8 meters equals 280 centimeters, which is 72 centimeters longer than 208 centimeters.

Wich is greater 120cm or 3m?

1 meter is 100 centimeters, so 3 meters is 300 centimeters. 3 meters is longer than 120 centimeters (which is 1.2 meters).

There are 100 cm in every meter If a measurement is 1.67 m, what is the measurement expressed in centimeters?

1.67 meters = 167 centimeters.

What is the measurement for 9 meters and 14 centimeters?

Not clear what measurement you want, question not valid.

What is longer 91 meters or 1844 centimeters?

91 meters

How much longer is it from 2 meters to 300 centimeters?

300 centimeters

How do you convert meters cube to centimeters cube?

First you have to convert centimeters into meters. 100 cm = 1 m Lets say you have 68 centimeters as a measurement. 68 cm = .68 m Now you have a measurement in meters. Simply cube the answer to convert 68 centimeters into cubed meters. (.68m)3 = .314432 m3

Which length is longest 94 mm 9.4 cm 9.40 m?

Meters are longer than centimeters and centimeters are longer than millimeters. The answer is meters

What is the standard of measurement used internationally?

It is now in centimeters and meters only.

How do you convert the rounded measurement of 2.3 centimeters to meters?

It is 0.023 metres.

Is 8 meters bigger than 8 centimeters?

Yes, 8 meters is longer than 8 centimeters.

How much is 3.5 cm to in meters?

The answer is 0.035 m (approx.). Meters and centimeters are both units of linear measurement. Multiply cm by 1/100 to get meter.