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50 ounces, of course!

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Q: What measurement is more precise 3 pounds or 50 ounces?
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What is more precise ounces or pounds?

Ounces are more precise.

Does a book weighs pounds or ounces?

Books are typically weighed in pounds. However, if you need a more precise measurement, you may want to weigh books in ounces for more accuracy.

Would you use ounces or pounds to weigh a slice of pie?

Ounces would be more appropriate to weigh a slice of pie as it is a smaller unit of measurement compared to pounds. This would provide a more precise measurement for the weight of the slice.

What is more precise 2 pounds or 34 ounces?

They are both precise, but are different weights, 34 ounces is more.

Tracy measured the weight of her hamster her first was 13 ounces her second measurement was pound which measurement is more precise?


What measurement is more precise and accurate?

What determines how precise a measurement is

Is 42.3 ounce more precise than 35.6 tons?

Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer: it depends on what you mean by "more precise". Both have three significant figures and to that extend they are equally precise. However, the maximum possible percentage errors in the two measurements are approximately 100*0.05/42.3 = 0.12% and 100*0.05/35.6 = 0.14%, respectively. On that basis, 42.3 ounces is more precise in relative terms. Also, the measurement units are smaller for 42.3 ounces so in absolute terms the measurement is more precise.

Which can be measured in pounds?

lb stands for pound

Which measurement is more precise 19.2cm or 20 cm?

19.2cm is more precise

Which is more, 63 ounces or 4 pounds?

4 pounds is more than 63 ounces. To compare the two quantities, it's necessary to convert them to a common unit of measurement. In this case, the most appropriate unit to use would be ounces, since both quantities are given in terms of weight. One pound is equal to 16 ounces, so 4 pounds is equal to 4 pounds * 16 ounces/pound = 64 ounces. Therefore, 4 pounds is more than 63 ounces. It's important to note that the units of measurement must be taken into account when comparing quantities. In this case, the units of pounds and ounces are different, so it's necessary to convert one of the quantities to the same unit as the other in order to make a valid comparison.

Which is more precise 25 quarts or 38 pints?

A measurement in pints is more precise.

How can you tell the precision of measurement?

The precision of a measurement can be determined by looking at the number of decimal places in the measurement. The more decimal places, the more precise the measurement. Additionally, if a measuring tool is capable of measuring smaller increments, it can provide a more precise measurement.