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50 ounces, of course!

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2014-02-12 22:30:39
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Q: What measurement is more precise 3 pounds or 50 ounces?
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What is more precise ounces or pounds?

Ounces are more precise.

What is more precise 2 pounds or 34 ounces?

They are both precise, but are different weights, 34 ounces is more.

Are pounds more precise than ounces?

no because pounds are bigger.

Tracy measured the weight of her hamster her first was 13 ounces her second measurement was pound which measurement is more precise?


What measurement is more precise and accurate?

What determines how precise a measurement is

Which measurement is precise pounds or grams?

The precision of a measurement depends on the means by which the measurement is made; it has nothing to do with the units in which it is expressed. 0.06250lbs is more precise than 28g even though the pound is almost 500 times as heavy as the gram.

Which measurement is more precise 19.2cm or 20 cm?

19.2cm is more precise

Is 42.3 ounce more precise than 35.6 tons?

Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer: it depends on what you mean by "more precise". Both have three significant figures and to that extend they are equally precise. However, the maximum possible percentage errors in the two measurements are approximately 100*0.05/42.3 = 0.12% and 100*0.05/35.6 = 0.14%, respectively. On that basis, 42.3 ounces is more precise in relative terms. Also, the measurement units are smaller for 42.3 ounces so in absolute terms the measurement is more precise.

Which is more precise 25 quarts or 38 pints?

A measurement in pints is more precise.

Which is more precise 15 ounces or 1 poun?

15 ounces

Which measurement is more precise 6gallons or 23quarts?


Tell which measurement is more precise 58 yards or 51 feet?

They are equally precise.

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