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centimeters, meters, kilometers, etc.

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Q: What measures are used in the metric system?
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Who used metric measures first?

France originated the metric system.

What unit measures mass in the metric system?

(g) grams- is the unit used in the metric system.

What is a decimal system of weights and measures?

metric system

What is a decimal system of weights and measures that is used universally in science and commonly throughout the world?

metric system

A gram measures what in the metric system?


Why was the metric system created?

The "Metric System" is a decimal system of measures based on the metre. More broadly, the "Metric System" is a decimal system of measures and weights based on ten. Many countries have converted to a metric system for weights, measures and currency making calculations much more simple than all of the antiquated systems.

The metric system of weights and measures?

The metric system is an international decimalised system of measurement, first adopted by France in 1791, that is the common system of measuring units used by most of the world.

What is the unit in the metric system that measures weight?

Grams is the unit to measure weight in the metric system.

What is the decimal system of weight and measures called?

Metric system

How does the metric system work?

The Metric System is a measuring system based on multiples of ten. The Metric System measures distance , weight, volume, and temperature.

What is the main unit of measure of the metric system?

The main unit in the metric system is the meter. It measures length.

What is the advantage of the metric system of weights and measures?

It is an international standard, and it is much easier to calculate with the metric system.

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