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What measures density

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Q: What measures density index?
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What index measures the general change in prices over time?

consumer index

What does population density measures?

Population density measures how many people are living within a certain area.

What does viscosity index measure?

Viscosity Index measures how well a substance flows (the thickness).

What is the Business English Index or BEI?

Business English Index or BEI is an index that measures business English proficiency in the workplace.

Why refractive index of ice is less than that of water?

The refractive index of a certain material increases with its density. The refractive index of ice is less because it has a lower density than liquid water.

What is a golf index?

A golf index is the same thing as a golf handicap - it measures a golfer's ability.

What index measures price changes received by domestic producers for their output?

producer price index

What is density and theoretical density?

How is T-score related to stiffness index in bone mineral density test?

The T-score is related to the Stiffness Index, because the Index is used to determine the T-score. This is an expression of structure, strength, and density.

How do you measures population density?

There are two measures of population density. Arithmetic (or crude) population density is simply population/area, giving you x people per square ______. Physiological density is population/arable (farmable) land.

What is the device called that measures relative humidity?

A hygrometer measures humidity. Don't confuse it with a hydrometer which measures density.

Is volume measured by density?

No. Volume and density are both measures - of different characteristics.

What does the recovery index test measures?

Respiration and Circulation Efficiency.

If density of a wood is 0.72gcm3 what will be the mass off the wood with measures 30cm10X10X10?

The density of a wood is 0.72g/cm3 what will be the mass off the wood with measures 30cm101010?

What is the relationship between optical density and refractive index?

The optical density of a medium is not the same as its physical density. The physical density of a material refers to the mass/volume ratio. Optical density determines how much a light wave is slowed down as it passes through a medium. The more optically dense a material is, the slower that a wave will move through the material.The refractive index is a measurement of optical density. A medium with a low optical density, would have also a low refractive index.For example air, having a low optical density has a refractive index of 1.0003, whereas water, with a higher optical density, has a higher refractive index of 1.333.

Density index of a material is?

lgreater than one

What does the term density and refractive index mean?

Density is the ratio mass/volume.Refractive index is the ratio between speed of light and phase velocity in a material.

What measures density?

A graduated cylinder and a balance

What does a hydometer measure?

It measures liquid density

What is Instrument That Measures The Density Of A Fluid?


What is a unit that measures density?

density is measured in grams per liter (g/L)

Why air bubble in a glass slab have silvery look?

refractive index of glass is higher than refractive index of glass slab OR density of air is less than density of glass

What are the factor affecting the refractive index of materials?

Density is one of the factor affecting the refractive index(RI) of materials.

Which economic indicator measures inflation?

CPI (Consumer price index)

The consumer price index is a way that the U.S. government measures what?