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There is no "space" inside a solid figure (body).

However the solid figure can be measured in terms of its volume (the amount of space it occupies).

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2011-02-08 16:45:34
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Q: What measures the amount of space inside a solid figure?
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What is the measure of the amount of space a solid figure occupies called?

The measure of the amount of space a solid figure is Volume

What is the measure of the space a solid figure occupies is called?

The measure of the amount of space a solid figure is Volume

What are you measuring in volume?

Volume is the measure of the amount of space inside of a solid figure, like a cube, ball, cylinder, or pyramid. It's units are always "cubic", that is, the number of little element cubes that fit inside the figure.

How do you figure out the volume of an irregular solid since you cannot pour a solid into a graduated cylinder?

The easiest way to measure the amount of fluid it displaces. So if you fill a graduated cylinder with a certain amount of water, and then place the solid object inside the cylinder, the water level will increase. The amount of increase equals the solid objects mass. EUREKA!

What are you finding if you measure the space that a solid figure occupies?

You are finding the volume of the solid figure.To find the volume of a solid figure, depending on the size of the object, you can use a graduated cylinder. You can fill the cylinder up to x amount of water and then measure the amount after dropping the solid into the water, and then subtract the amount before, from the amount after, to get the volume of a solid. You can also use simple mathematics to figure the volume of the solid. There are different formulas for calculating volume for different types of solid figures.

Is cone a solid figure or plane figure?

A solid figure.

What is an example of a solid?

You can figure it out because a solid is the state of matter that has a definite shape and takes up a definite amount of space.

How do you figure out the edges on a solid figure?

You have to count the lines on a solid figure

Is a basketball a solid figure?

no a basketball is not a solid figure.

Is a triangle a solid figure?

No- a triangle is a plane figure, not a solid.

Is a triangular a solid figure?

yes a triangle is a solid figure

What are interior faces?

a face or part of a face of a three-dimensional solid that's on the inside of a composite figure.

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