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Units of mass are used to measure mass, not length.

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Q: What metric unit of mass would you use to measure how long a spoon is?
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What unit would you measure a blackboard?

Meters or yards probably it depends how long the blackboard is and if you use metric or not if you ue metric then it would be meters

What us the difference in the metric sistem and the us long measure?

metric system is for commies

What metric unit is used to measure a computer mouse?

centimetres , i think ,.... what else??i dunno how long ur mouse is but 4 mine that would be a sensible measure

How do you measure long distances -metric?

I would use meters because well thats the only other choice to choose from!

When measuring long distances in customary units other than miles what metric unit of measure would you use for the same distance?


What is the best unit to measure the length of a table?

A table in an ordinary house would be around 6 foot long, this would usually be measured in feet, imperial, or metres, metric.

Which metric unit would you use to measure the distance from London to Glasgow?

The official metric (SI) unit for length is the meter. For long distances, such as the distance between towns or cities, the kilometer (1000 meters) is commonly used.

Is the metric system used by scientists and in countries around the world as the standard unit of measure?

Have scientists in all parts of the world long used metric systems?

How do you measure from a known point by English and metric system?

In the English (or imperial) system, distances are measured in inches, feet, yards, or miles, depending on what kind of distance you want to measure. In the metric system, commonly used units are millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers - again, depending on how long the distance is, you would usually choose a shorter or a larger unit.

What metric system would you use for a dollar bill?

kilogram There is only one metric system, and it is used to measure everything, If you mean what nits would you use to measure a dollar bill, its length would be in metres. All distances are in metres, prefixes merely show the fraction or multiple of metres. A dollar bill is 0.1559 metres long, for convenience this is written as 155.9 millimetres. It is 66.3 mm wide. Its weigth, or mass, is 1 gram.

Does spoon have a long or short 'o'?

The vowel sound in "spoon" is neither a long nor a short "o". It does, however, have a long "oo" sound.

Would a spoon be measured in decimeters or centimeters?

centimeters. a decimeter is 10 times as long as a centimeter.

How long is a spoon?


What is the last measurement on a tape Measure?

That would depend on how long your tape measure was.

What unit of measure would be used to measure distance?

well... it matters how long it is

How long is the Dairy Queen long spoon?


What is a Long unit of measure for great distances?

The parsec is 3.26 light years. Astronomers measure distances to remote galaxies in megaparsecs--millions of parsecs. This is about the longest commonly used length metric.

What metric unit would you use to measure the following How long your bed is?

Most beds are approximately 2 metres (or 190-200 cm) in length. I would use either metres or centimetres. Update, If you know your bed size you can use this chart to determine the metric dimensions, length and width.

What would you use to measure from the school fence to the road?

You could use a long tape measure or a laser measure device.You could use a long tape measure or a laser measure device.

How long do you have to wait for Coca-Cola to melt a spoon?

Coca cola does not and will not melt a spoon, this is a myth.

How long is juicy fruit in metric measures?

24 metric measures

What was the metric size for the megalodon?

A megalodon would have been between 16 and 20 metres long.

How did the metric system begin?

The metric system has a long history. The "treaty of the meter" was signed in Paris in 1875 and perhaps might be thought of as the start of the metric system. However, the meter was put forward as a standard measure back in the 1700s. It was at that time that some bright scientist in France decided that a meter was one ten millionth of the distance from the equator to the pole of the earth (measured through Paris, of course). From 1875 to the 1970s, the metric system was refined. We now have a metric system that covers physical properties, time, electrical units and chemical units. What remains a bit of a mystery is how someone got a tape measure long enough to measure the distance from the equator to the pole! Follow the link below for more interesting information.

What do you use the metric ruler for?

Metric Rulers and meter sticks are used to measure short lengths and distances. Both devices are marked in centimeters and millimeters.Metric Rulers are generally 15 cm (6 inches) and 30 cm (12 inches) long.

How long is a plastic dessert spoon?