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Q: What mistakes will be corrected in the redubbed one piece?
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how do Indians understand Russian English?

My experience in 2008 during HEN conference in 2008 shows that many young Russians are able to speak good English. Some Professors are able to communicate with me ( Indian) very well in English. One Professor corrected my English when I said experimental "rats". He corrected as "mice". We can understand their English, even when there are grammatical mistakes etc.

What is the name for a person that continuously corrects others even if it is trivial?

A person that continuously corrects others even though it may seem trivial could be called petty by the person or people who are being corrected although that wouldn't be the case here on wikianswers as correcting others mistakes is all part of the wikianswers experience and so one that constantly corrects others mistakes here would be called one of the top editors.

What does the term corrected mean?

The term 'corrected' means for one to be "put right". One can use this word as a past tense form. For example, "The boy corrected the teacher." This word is used in past tense of the word 'correct.'

The importance of learning from mistakes?

The importance of learning from mistakes is that one knows what mistakes to avoid in the future. Mistakes will make you wiser and more experienced in any field.

Can you correct my mistakes?

If you will tell me what one of your mistakes is, I will see if I can correct it for you. I make no guarantee.

What is a counsellor?

A counsellor is one who gets you out of the mess created around you by your mistakes or the mistakes of others

Do people around you openly accept there mistakes and make efforts to correct them?

no one is correct in this world thats why no one accept their mistakes

What is 3.56 corrected to one decimal place?

It is 3.6 to one decimal place

Why do children make fewer mistakes learning English than adults learning a second language?

Children make different mistakes, I don't necessarily know about fewer. But if that is a fact, then they make fewer mistakes because they don't have to unlearn the rules of a different language. They just have to learn to communicate, and the brain is a lot more malleable when you are young, so it is easier to pick up when everyone around you is demonstrating. Kids also are more willing to attempt speaking because they aren't worried about making mistakes, and so they learn more quickly. They are also more quickly corrected, with no one worried about offending them, which might also have something to do with it. Humility is powerful.

How do you write 3.86 corrected to one decimal place?


Is it one half piece of pie or one-half piece of pie?

One-half a piece of pie.

Can tunnel vision be corrected?

Unfortunately, tunnel vision is a disorder that cannot be corrected. There are several beneficial things one can do including using visual aids and visual rehabilitation.

What part of speech is the word mistakes?

It can be more than one part of speech. My mistakes are legion. (= noun) He often mistakes me for someone else. (=verb)

Where can one find online videos of basketball mistakes and bloopers?

There are plenty of places on the internet in order for one to find out videos of basketball mistakes and bloopers. One of the most common website is youtube.

What are episodes of One piece?

'Episodes' of One Piece are the animated TV shows based on the One Piece manga.

What defects were corrected by bohr in atomic model?

There were some defects from previous atom models that Bohr corrected in his atomic model. The main one was providing reasoning for the Rydberg formula.

How can you help 4th graders improve revision in writing?

Basically break it down for them somehow. You need to help them look for things, step by step. Maybe go off the steps below. 1. Read paper one time, not looking for mistakes. The second time, began searching for mistakes. 2. Fix the mistakes your reading eye spotted first. 3. Read another time, this time digesting the piece for other mistakes. You could also break it down into sub- categories, etc.

Who is perfict?

" No one is perfict because every one makes mistakes."

Which popular Naruto or One piece?

I believe that Naruto is more popular than one piece.

What is better a one piece crank or a two piece crank?

one piece does not leak as bad

Demi Lovato's mistakes?

she had made some mistakes because one time she performed a concert at Chicago and fell!!!!!!!!!! watch on

What band has two girls and one boy?

The Grates ManyMental Mistakes

How can your Sunday prayer help with mistakes?

It is recognised that Sunday is the Sabbath Day and that this is the main day that people attend church. However, if one makes mistakes it is not just Sunday that one should pray, one should pray everyday for their mistakes, to thank God for granting them another day of life and pray for those around you that suffer.

Which is correct One half piece of pie or one-half piece of pie?

half a piece of pie. pie

Who created One Piece?

Eiichiro Oda created One Piece.