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Q: What mixed number equals three times one half?
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What mixed number when added to itself three times equals 10?

3 1/3

What mixed number equals 210?

15 times 14 equals 210

What number times itself three times equals to 1456?


The sum of 6 and three times a number equals find the number?


What number multiplied 4 times by itself equals to 81?

The number is three.

What same number multiplied three times equals 1331?

The number is 11

What number times three times equals 729?

243 times 3 equals 729.

What mixed number is three times as large as one half?

one and a half

The quotient of two times the number and three equals what?


What number multiplyed by itself three times equals 1456?


What number multiplied three times equals -6634?


What times a number equals that number?

ONE times a number equals that number.

Six over two into a mixed number?

To do this, you figure out how many times the denominator goes into the numerator. two goes into six three times, so the mixed number is just 3.

How do you find a three quarters of a number?

Divid your number by 4 then times that number by 3 eg. 20 divide 4 equals 5 5 times 3 equals 15

This is a number that when multiplied by itself three times equals a given number?

The number is called a "cube root"

Is eleven a squared number or not?

Eleven cannot be squared, unless by a mixed number, because nothing times four equals eleven.

The reciprocal of a number plus the reciprocal of three times the number equals one third?


What number multiplied three times equals 1331?

11 times 11 times 11=1331

What times three equals sixty three?

21 times 3 equals 63

When the reciprocal of three times a number is subtracted from the reciprocal of the number equals one sixth Find the number?


What times 11 equals 326?

No whole number will multiply by 11 to equal 326. The mixed number 29 7/11 will answer your question.

What is one fourth times 7?

It is seven fourths which is one and three fourths as a mixed number.

3 times the sum of one plus three times a numbers is 57 What is the number A equals 6.2 B equals 18.7 C equals 6 D equals 9?

C. 6

A certain number has three digits the sum equals thirty six times this number seven times the left digit plus nine equals five times the sum of the first and third number What is the third number?

The answer to this question is at my website aim feliciano980

What is three times a number plus four equals nineteen?