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1*16, 2*8, 4*4, 1/2*32, etc.

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Q: What multiplacation facts equal 16?
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What multiplacation facts equal 320?

160 x 2 80 x 4 64 x 5 40 x 8 32 x 10 20 x 16

What are good multiplacation websites?

A good fun website for multiplication facts is multiplication .com

Why are multiplacation facts so important in math?

For the same reason that speling is so important in language

What is the sum of 16 plus 16 equals?

in addition the answer is sum but i forgot what is it for multiplacation?

What is a multiplacation sentence?

A multiplacation sentence is excactly what it says it is! EXAMPLE: 9x9=? 1x9=? 3x8=? That is a multiplacation sentence.

What is the definition of multiplacation inverse?

Basically, if numbers "a" and "b" are multiplicative inverses, it means that their product is equal to 1.

What does 17 equal in multiplacation?

You'll need another number to perform multiplication. Until then, your 17 won't change.

Who invented multiplacation?

the person who invented multiplacation is very smart and takes the easy way

How do you do multiplacation sign for the action replay multiplacation sighn?

draw two dots and a line beetween them.

What is the answer called in multiplacation?

the product

What is the product?

answer to a multiplacation equation

What is the inverse of multiplacation?

Inverse means opposite so division is the opposite of multiplacation