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same again

£0.75 + £0.75 = £1.50

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Q: What must be added to 75p to make 1.50?
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What fraction of one pound is 75p?

75p/1pound = 75p/100p = 75/100 = 3/4

What is 297 times 75p?

297 x 75p = 22,275p

What is fraction of a pound is 75p?

75p is 3/4 of £1.

15p of 75p as a fraction?

15p/75p = 15/75 = 1/5

What is 75p in fractions?

Since £1 is equal to 100p we could write 75p as 75/100 of a pound. Or simplified to 75p = 3/4 of a pound.

How many 5p are equal in the value to 75p?

75p ÷ 5p = 15

What words add up to 75P?

75P means 75 pence in the British monetary system. It is not 75 US pennies.

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What is 75p plus 1 pound 70 p?

That's a total of £2.45

What is the cost of 15 items at 5p each?


What is the average cost of a loaf of bread?

75p In morrisons

What is 1.70 minus 95p?

£1.70 - 95p = 75p

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What is 1 pound take away 75p?

25p ;)

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you can get them in Salisbury's or WHSMITH for 75p a packet or you can buy them off several websites online for more or less Amazon sell them for 75p with free delivery!

What is the cost of 3 books at 75p each?

the cost is £2.25

When you bought 3 magazines at 75p each how much did you spend?


If oranges cost 5 for 75p how many can you buy for 2.70?


What does a loaf of bread cost in the UK in 2012?

anywhere between 75p and £1.80

How much does a loaf of bread cost in UK?

It costs about 75p-£1:80

How much is it cost to make a credit card?

If your just talking about the basic plastic and chip, then the answer is about 75p a card. The majority of this cost goes in to the chip and making sure that it's secure.

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