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Q: What must be true about the forces in order for a car to roll down a ramp?
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What type of energy does the ball have when rolling down the ramp?

This would be kinetic energy. It helps the ball to keep moving down the ramp despite all of the other forces trying to stop it.

What forces cause a car to roll down a ramp?

gravity assuming the car was off, and not in park

what angle or degree must a handicap ramp have in order to pass code in Va.?

The portable ramp must be at least 42" wide and have a slope of 8 percent in Virginia.

How does the increasing the height of a ramp affect how far a ball rolls down ramp?

how does increasing the height of a ramp affect how far a ball rolls down the ramp

A small wagon rolls down a ramp and comes to a stop what forces act to stop the wagon?

Gravity pulls the wagon down the ramp. Friction from the tires on the ground slows the wagon. Wind resistance (friction from the air) slows the wagon as well. Gravity also helps slow the wagon down once it is off the ramp and the wagon is rolling on a level surface.

How the mechanical advantage of a ramp changes becomes longer?

There is a mechanical advantage in using a long, gently sloping ramp than a short steep ramp. If you want to test this remember what goes up must come down and a long ramp gives you more time to react

Does the height of a ramp affect a toy car's speed going down it?

Yes. The height of the ramp does affect the speed going down it the higher the ramp the faster the car goes down it

Does changing the height of a ramp affect the speed of the car going down the ramp?

Changing the slope of the ramp will affect the speed of the vehicle going down it.

Why does a ball tavel faster down a steep ramp than it does down a less steep ramp?

cos the force of gravity is stronger when the ramp is steeper ini blud! XD

How does the slope of a ramp affect the acceleration of an object rolling down a ramp?

the phillipens

How does the steepness of a ramp affect how fast an object moves?

The steepness of the ramp affects the direction of the normal force of the object on a ramp (which is always perpendicular to the ramp). The net gravitational force is always straight down.Using the angle of inclination of the ramp with Trigonometry, you can find the vector forces of gravity perpendicular and parallel to the normal force which makes up the net gravitational force. The parallel portion is in the same direction of the ball rolling down the ramp. This will give you your force of acceleration, which you can use in basic equations to find the velocity of the object.The steeper the ramp, the faster the object rolls down. A ramp of 0 degrees would result in a ball just sitting on the ramp as normal force and gravitational forces cancel each other. A ramp of 90 degrees would be like a cliff and this would produce the fastest velocity since the ball is moving in the same direction as the force of gravity in free fall. A ramp with an angle between these means that part of the gravitational force is being offset by the normal force.

What must happen to the four forces to make a airplane fly?

The four forces that act on an airplane are lift, weight, thrust and drag. During steady state flight (the plane is not climbing, descending, accelerating or decelerating) lift is equal to weight, and thrust is equal to drag. In order for a plane to enter a climb, lift must be momentarily greater than weight. Once the plane is established in this climb (lets say 1000 feet per minute) lift is again equal to weight, and it is the thrust that is pulling the plane up higher and higher. Imagine you have a string tied to a box next to a ramp. To get that box established on the ramp, you must lift it up (lift greater than weight) but once it is on the ramp (established in the climb) you are using that string to pull it forward as it climbs up the ramp and gains height.

How far will a toy car travel down a ramp?

Barring impediment from friction or obstruction, it will travel all the way down the ramp.

When a toy car rolling down a ramp is it potential or kenetic energy?

A toy car rolling down a ramp has kinetic energy.

How does the height of a ramp affect the speed of a rolling object?

At the bottom of the ramp, the higher the ramp the faster the speed, ignoring frictionl forces The speed varies as the square root of the height

A car traveling at 20 mph on a curved exit ramp has a constant velocity?

If it does, it won't stay on the ramp for long. In order to travel in a curved path, the velocity must change even if the speed remains the same.

A cart is rolling down a ramp if the angle of the ramp is increased to make the ramp steeper the cart will do what?

The cart will go faster if the angle increases.

What can you do when your horse will not come out of his stable because it is a step down?

what can you do wher your horse will not come out of his stable because it is a step down ? * we have put a ramp down but he will not come out * we have put his feed ther at the end of the ramp but he will still not come out * he will step on to the ramp but will not come off it

What forces are used when a toy car goes down a ramp?

I am not sure what you mean by "forces used" as there are many forces at work on every object constantly. However, in this case the main forces are gravity friction and air pressure as well as the main force of the car =mass times its acceleration or speed. the person that wrote this well clearly did not take science as a degree!! what they mean by 'forces used' they mean 'what forces are there when a toy car goes down a ramp' some may get this other may not. the forces used are gravity friction and air pressure. some may say weight is also included in this advent. the mass of the car is normally included in the gravity or weight. thank you!!

Is it possible to predict the speed of a marble after rolling down a ramp if you know the height of the ramp?

no impossible

When you are driveing a truck on a ramp without a loadyou should?

travel with the forks pointing down the ramp

Does changing the height of the ramp affect the speed of the toy car going down the ramp?


How long it takes for a ball to roll down a ramp?

Twice as long as it takes to roll halfway down the same ramp. Without knowing the size of the ball, and the length & angle of the ramp, thats the best I can tell you.

With how much force does a ramp push a ball rolling down it?

A ramp exerts no force, just gravity.

What makes a toy car go slow down a ramp?

I think it's to do with friction and the material you have on your ramp.